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Robbery: Kmart is doubling 10 coupons instead of 5!!!!

You must spend in grocery, health, and beauty AFTER any store promotions or discounts to double. Kmart NORMALLY doubles 5 but this week they’re doubling 10. It MAY be a glitch so get there as quickly as you can! Transaction 1 (12) Febreeze 2/ (Spend , get P&G promo) = (6)…

For The Mommas – Extreme Couponing with Deals, Coupons & Free!

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How do coupon clipping services get so many coupons?

Question by Lori S: How do coupon clipping services get so many coupons?
I use clipping services sometimes, and sometimes they are out of “HOT” coupons when I’m looking for them. I was just wondering, how do they get so many coupons to begin with? Do they have to buy a ton of papers? Or do they buy the coupon inserts directly from Smart Source and Red Plum? And what do Newspapers Do with the left over coupons in the papers that do not sell?

Best answer:

Answer by Bluesman1960
They pay people to clip coupons. I use to take the coupons from the unsold sunday papers at my wife’s store. That is how i got 40 cans of FREE slim fast shakes. and over 100 bottles of shampoo/conditioner for .05 cents each.

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The top 5 most popular coupons on Coupon Network ( as established by you for the week of April 15th. This week’s “best of” coupon video blog again features a doubly popular coupon, our latest Video Rewards coupon from Honey Bunches of Oats. Plenty more, plus a giveaway– so pay attention! Check out all of these popular deals at our blog at today!