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Learn how to stretch with this total body stretching exercise routine to improve flexibility. These static stretches can be performed as a cool down after ex…
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Cool Toys pics of the day: Nibipedia

Cool Toys pics of the day: Nibipedia
Healthy Eating Ideas
Image by rosefirerising

I can’t believe I never blogged Nibipedia before! I was sure I had,
but can’t find it in any of my blogs. This surprises me in part
because Nibipedia is one of those sites I often bring up in
conversation as an example of an exceptionally sound Good Idea.

Nibipedia’s great idea is fairly simply, at a root level. There is a
lot of great educational content in YouTube. There is a lot of totally
uncool content in YouTube. Because of the latter, YouTube is often
blocked in schools, making it impossible to access the former, which
is a real shame. So (I hypothesize) someone thought why not get the
good stuff where teachers and students can get at it safely, without
the oh-so-distracting other stuff? Better yet, let’s mash it up with
some other online content (like, maybe, Wikipedia?) to make a combined
multi-sensory learning environment? And thus it started, recruiting
teachers and librarians and other curators of quality to select the
Best Stuff.

See? I told you it was a Good Idea! Little by little they added more
perks. Not just YouTube, but also TED talks and other excellent
sources of high quality educational videos. The source for mashed up
text is usually Wikipedia, and I am still waiting for an alternative
source to auto-mash with health videos, since, as much as I adore
Wikipedia, I won’t go there for health info. Just way too risky!
Nibipedia added more functions also! Social networking features,
forums, comments, discussions … a full immersive learning
environment. Very impressive.

They make it easy to find them, too. They are all over Twitter. @TroyAPeterson and his
partner in coding Terry
have been quite active in Twitter since early on. They
have created several accounts for those who wish to follow specific
topics in Nibipedia. They did a smart thing by posting not just their
own content, but retweeting appropriate subject content from other
streams and from the web. Just a word to the wise, don’t follow too
many of the Nibipedia accounts, since for certain pieces of info, they
retweet themselves ad nauseum.

Here are a few of the other topic-specific Twitter accounts associated
with Nibipedia. These vary dramatically in quality and consistency, so
please check out the topics that interest you first. Of course, do the
same with the video collections that interest you, since they reflect
the personal opinions and preferences of the curator, which may not
align with what you want or what you want your students to know.

An online learning/teaching software powered by Youtube and Wikipedia.
Kid tested, mother approved.

Cool stuff about technology, internet, web, mobile phone devices,
robots, electronics, computers, video games, cars, green, weapons,
policy, photography, Apple

Tweeting about neuroscience, mental health and anything to do with the brain

Urban Planning, Architecture, Sustainability, Smart Growth, New Urbanism

Cool stuff about faith, religion, Christianity, Islam, Judaism,
Buddhism, Atheism, Agnosticism, philosophy, death, life, universe,
intelligent design, evolution

All things organic, education on healthy cooking, eating tastey food,
food sovereignty

Environmental Studies grad. Help save the environment! eco chic and
eco friendly love

I love beautiful paintings, design, sustainable architecture,
interesting photography, and education

Cool stuff about the economy, economic and game theory, federal
reserve bank, policy, money, internet, tax, green, trade, business,
politics, congress, resource

Lover of books, reference librarian, avid cyclist, artist, eco-freak, foodie

Tweets about health, medicine, disease, healthy living, and
educational tools from

Tweets about the earth, its humans, energy, space

Using Nibipedia for science’s noblest cause, world domination!!

Reaching. Searching. Nibbing

I love the oceans and I love to nib!

I love space, I love nibipedia

I love museums and I love nibipedia.

Goal Bands Game 3pk “Build Yourself Strong” (1 Small Size, 1 Medium Size, 1 Large Size) Karate Belts Turned Into Cool Wristbands Forms the Basis of Our Award Winning Daily Reminder System and Makes It Easy to Stick to Personal Goals, Change Habits and Build Yourself Strong in Mind, Body and Spirit. Affordable! Lifechanging! Fun! Also, Available in Single Pks

Goal Bands Game 3pk “Build Yourself Strong” (1 Small Size, 1 Medium Size, 1 Large Size) Karate Belts Turned Into Cool Wristbands Forms the Basis of Our Award Winning Daily Reminder System and Makes It Easy to Stick to Personal Goals, Change Habits and Build Yourself Strong in Mind, Body and Spirit. Affordable! Lifechanging! Fun! Also, Available in Single Pks

  • Also, known as the “Black Belt Goals Game” each GBG contains everything you will need to change one life, forever.
  • End Bad Habits – Start Healthy Habits – Discover Awesome Inner Strengths – Great Family Bonding – “Team Building” – etc. etc.
  • Great for 1000’s of uses – Parenting, Healthy Dieting, Fitness Motivation, Education Efforts, Performance in Sports, Classroom Management, etc. etc.

With the multi-award winning Goal Bands Game we’ve turned karate belts into a groundbreaking reward/reminder system that makes it fast, easy and fun for everyone, ages 4-100, to achieve daily goals and grow “black belt” strong while doing it. Instructions and goal tips included in every package.
note- GBG, also available in individual pks

List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 9.99

Cool Wrestling (c.1910)

Cool Wrestling (c.1910)
bodybuilding exercises
Image by postaletrice
Reims. – Au college d’athlètes.
74 – Exercices d’hiver – La lutte sur la glace de la piscine

[Reims – At the school of athletes
74 – Winter exercises – Fighting on the frozen swimming-pool]

Vintge photographic postcard, c.1910, uncirculated, divided back, published by Neurdein Frères, France.

© Casas-Rodríguez Collection, 2009. Some rights reserved.

Do you know any cool little cooking tips?

Question by Softballplayer: Do you know any cool little cooking tips?
I want a quick little helping with cooking/baking tip demonstration that doesnt take anymore then 3 or 4 mins and try to only involves up to 8 or 10 items. it has to be neat and inventive. Example: Poke a straw through a strawberry to easily decore strawberries and other kinds of fruit and vegetebles. Your probably thinking this is a weird question, but it will take too long to explain why im asking it. [please no recipies or links to sites like Just please tell me your unique, quick and witty cooking hints, thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Amanda
mix vanilla extract and and cinnamon to plain yogurt and then will taste like ice cream but much healthier lol

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3 Cool New Toys for the Hip Mom

3 Cool New Toys for the Hip Mom

So every mom is now trying to be as hip as can be in a socially conscious, keeping their kid safe, raising the smartest and most intellectual child kind of way. Understandably..we want our kids to be all of those things, so here’s a few things that I’ve come across through many late-night online travels.  Enjoy 3 of the coolest new toys for hip moms!

1. For the family: The Chatterbox – Teaching kids about money, goals, and character

Chatterbox Games

The Chatterbox is a really cool game that is meant to get families talking and the kids interested in things that most games just don’t bring. From providing a fun way to learn about money, or a cool way to get the whole family talking, it’s a great little game. It has been featured in lots of blogs, from cool mom picks to droolicious.

Here’s what had to say: The Chatterbox is a is a fun little box of ideas and topics to get families talking. The goal of the chatterbox is to teach your family life skills in a fun and interesting way. We have our chatterbox sitting in the middle of our kitchen table. Each night we pull one card from the box and start chatting it up. Some nights it is a game card that we pull and other nights it is card full of questions. It is fun to see our family bonding so closely together and a great way for the kids to learn more about things that aren’t traditionally taught in schools.

Go check it out, it’s priced competitively at .95 so it’s worth adding to the game closet for sure.


2. For Safety: – Helmet Covers that make a statement

So every kid hates wearing a helmet, even when their little. Why? I don’t really know, I just know almost every single kid hates wearing a helmet. has provided a solution, and it has really taken off. Like Chatterbox, tail-wags has seen a nice amount of press already, including the Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, and, here’s what she had to say:

Got some fast ones in your pack that love to ride/shred on the snow but don’t love to wear their mandatory safety equipment quite as much? They will when their helmet is decked out in a Tailwags helmet cover (). Handmade in Canada by Toronto mom entrepreneur Karyn Climans, who was inspired by a stint as a costume designer for her son’s school play, these fun fleece covers also provide warmth in the cold and easy identification on slopes (or rinks or toboggan hills). From cats to dogs, from lions to tigers, the requisite dino, and even a mouse, Tailwags makes lots of styles to suit any kids (and in case you’re jealous, they make adult sizes too).

Can’t hurt to check it out. Even if your kid is more of a concrete daredevil, it may be even more worth it!

3. Little Learning – – The all in on learning system for toddlers

Teach My Toddler

Every mom has a responsibility to give their kids the best start in life, because once they head off to school, you lose a signifcant amount of influence. All of a sudden teachers, friends, and everything else comes in all at once. So teaching the toddler is your best shot. The Teach My Toddler system has been awarded for it’s ability to teach kids at such age. From their site:

The aim of Teach My Toddler is to give toddlers a head start and to promote interaction and one-on-one time between the toddler and their parents, grandparents and caregivers. Just 20 minutes a day with the Toddler Tote and little ones can master their alphabet, numbers, shapes and colours. Teach My Toddler is designed for 1-3 year olds. It retails for .99. The Toddler Tote contains 17 coordinated teaching tools: 5 puzzles, 4 teaching charts, 4 board books and 4 sets of flashcards.

Some people are against teaching kids at such a young age, but Teach My Toddler provides a proven system that is engaging for the child, not just a simple memorizing tool.  Once again, priced low enough that for such a small investment, you can give your child a great head start in life.

There you have it…3 really cool products that won’t break the bank, and can help all you hipster moms out there keep your kids safe and smart.  Consider this an early gift guide!

Where can I find COOL mommy blogs? Not so straight-edge?

Question by : Where can I find COOL mommy blogs? Not so straight-edge?
I’m looking for a cool mom blog. I keep finding some that are just too wholesome. I don’t need anything too crazy, just a real person that likes to talk like a real person about their kids as well as other things going on in the world.

Best answer:

Answer by Dave W

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Stay at Home Read and Write Blog – Cool Web Moms

Stay at Home Read and Write Blog – Cool Web Moms

Many new stay at home moms, or moms who already work from home, are always on the look out for home-based business ideas that can add income for their families. One home-based business opportunity that is commonly overlooked is logging for profits. A Moms Blog is simply a journal (or newsletter) that is frequently updated. There are several reasons besides never having heard about blogging that many works from home mommies don’t follow up with this opportunity.

I Don’t Know How to Build a Website

There are several free blogging tools available online and you don’t have to know a thing about web design or web programming. You can sign up for a free blog account with popular websites like Blogger or Word press. These free services are user friendly and you can have a blog set up in a matter of minutes! If you are a little more advanced, you can even set up a blog with your very own web domain name using the Word press free blogging software (which I highly recommend.)

I Don’t Know What to Write About

Think again mom! You have a ton of topics to write about simply because you are a mom! Moms are searching the internet every day for things that benefit their children. Searches are made for items such as educational tools, organic baby food, to diaper bags. You can review these topics on your blog or write about your daily routine being a work at home mom. The ideas are endless when it comes to family life and working from home.

I Don’t Have Time

The best thing about blogging is that you can do it part-time and still earn a nice income. You can write anytime you want and as often as you want! Your readers can visit your blog 24 hours a day so there is no pressure to when you have to write. Blogging can actually be a fun, stress relieving activity for stay at home moms that can bring in extra income for your family. Add your personality to Moms Blog and your readers will be more inclined to visit often. Writing on a blog is a great opportunity that work from home moms should not pass up!

Cool Web Moms is a place where stay at home moms read and write blogs.