Drink Chero Cola

Drink Chero Cola
Image by SeeMidTN.com (aka Brent)
Drink Chero Cola
There’s None so good
In bottles 5 cents

Chero Cola became Royal Crown Cola in 1934, so this sign is at least 73 years old! This is located along Main Street in Shelbyville, TN in the town Square. it’s painted on the building which is home to Pope’s Cafe.

Just a few months ago, I think there used to be a building here which would have prevented me from taking this picture. Now only the frame of the building remains, including the 2 beams in the picture. Before then, to view this ad, you would have to do so from an angle, which I have seen online several places, such as JimmyWayne22’s photo Here.

"There’s none so good" could be an insult if you think about it.