Love potato chips but don’t like the calories .. well now you don’t have to worry! This potato chips are delicious! You must try them 🙂 SUBSCRIBE TO MY COOKING CHANNEL, NEW VIDEOS EVERY MONDAY AND FRIDAY: www.youtube.com FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: twitter.com Ingredients: (for one medium size bowl of chips) 2 medium sized potatoes (skin on) 2 cups of vinegar 2 tablespoons of salt For plain potato chips or flavoured: After you have sliced the potatoes, rinse and soak to remove excess starch. Dry off and place on baking paper lined tray. Then sprinkle with either salt, chill flakes, bbq rub, garlic salt or any desired herbs and spices. Bake as per instructions. *NOTE* As each oven is different make sure you keep an eye on them, if they are browning too quickly, simply lower the temperature.
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Salt & Vinegar Kale Chips Recipe- How to Make Kale Chips

Get recipe: divascancook.com Hippie chips, hamster food…whatever you wanna call ’em kale chips makes a pretty quick, easy, and healthy snack. They are great for whenever you are having those crunchy, salty cravings but really don’t wanna give it to potato chips. The best part about making these kale chips is that you can flavor them any way you like. I was in a salt and vinegar kind of mood so I made salt n vinegar, but another great option is to sprinkle them with parmesan cheese right when they come out of the oven yum! And of course the original salt & olive oil is a classic. Music by Kevin Macleod

Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips, Original, 1-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24)

Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips, Original, 1-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24)

  • Premium quality chips in vibrant natural colors in a variety of fabulous flavors
  • Mixture of flavors- sweet, savory, complex, nutty, rich, delicate
  • Seasonal mix of taro, sweet potato, yuca, batata, parsnip, and ruby taro
  • Rich in flavor but thin in fat, 30% less fat than other leading brands of potato chips
  • Made in the USA

People often say there’s nothing new under the sun, and yet Terra Chips are both old-fashioned and uniquely new. Old-fashioned in the sense that people have cherished these root vegetables since before civilization began. New in those two chefs from New York City, Dana Sinkler and Alexander Dzieduszycki, have gathered this delicious variety of vegetables together and prepared them into a light, naturally colorful collection of chips. Many of these vegetables are savory, some are sweet and mixed together they achieve a satisfying balance of flavors – complex, nutty, rich, delicate.

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What is a good low fat substitute for potato chips?

Question by Wouldn’t you know it: What is a good low fat substitute for potato chips?
I am about to go on a diet and was curious if their is a good low fat substitute for potato chips? I can give up just about every other luxury in my life, but I need my potato chips. Any suggestions?

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Answer by blackbelt_13
easy, the original potato chips were created when a chef sliced the potatoes to make french fries thinner. You can do that too! Slice your own regular or sweet potato and bake them in the over for however long it takes and presto!! Try a yogurt dip or some salsa or guacamole 🙂

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Healthy Snacks! KALE CHIPS

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