Gingery Chickpeas with Spinach

Gingery Chickpeas with Spinach
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Image by Limes & Lycopene
I was planning on taking photos of the food we cooked during my Easy and Tasty Vegetarian Meals cooking class, but there was virtually nothing left.

This recipe is the vegetarian version of one of the meals in the Spring edition of An Honest Kitchen. The original recipe for Gingery Beef with Spinach can actually be downloaded for free as it’s featured in the Spring extract.

I make this meal a lot, because it’s easy, you can make the whole meal in one pan, plus I’m a ginger fiend. In our climate it works equally well as an autumn meal.

Preparing food with maize and chickpeas in Bangladesh

Preparing food with maize and chickpeas in Bangladesh
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Image by CIMMYT
A Bangladeshi woman grinds maize and chickpeas together as she prepares food. Head of the household Mohammed Abu Taher has transformed the family’s lives since he started growing high-yielding maize varieties alongside their other crops, after receiving training provided by the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) with support from CIMMYT.

The maize gives a good yield and sells for a high price. This income boost has meant that as well as making homestead improvements like a new house for their pigs, the family is now able to spend more money on the children’s education, and think about obtaining more land. They also use some of their maize to make chapatis and other foods, as well as feeding it to their livestock and poultry. "By eating maize the cows give more milk and the cattle become healthy," says Taher . "Also when we started to consume the maize ourselves we feel stronger with more energy than before."

Photo credit: S. Mojumder/Drik/CIMMYT.

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