Success! Low Fat and Lower Calorie New York Style Cheesecake

Success! Low Fat and Lower Calorie New York Style Cheesecake
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Image by Sifu Renka
I followed the recipe for the Light New York Cheesecake from Cook’s Illustrated: The Best Light Recipe and ended up with something so creamy and rich tasting, but knowingly 1/4 the fat and almost 1/2 the calories of the original NY style!
Substitutions that were key were low fat cream cheese, non-fat yogurt cheese (drained yogurt) and low fat (I used non-fat) cottage cheese. All blended up with some orange rind (instead of the lemon rind in the recipe) and a few eggs, and voila. A brief high (10 min) then low temp in the oven for 1.5 hours, lots of cooling time and an overnight chill in the fridge ensured it was set.
My uncle and his family (2 cousins included) are in town until the end of the week and tonight we’re all congregating at my aunt’s for dinner. My Aunt Rosa LOVES cheesecake, but is also scarily health conscious. In a brief convo I mentioned I’m bringing cheesecake (I heard a gasp followed by the exclamation: "I LOVE cheesecake") and when I emphasized it was low fat, and lower calorie, I sensed her heart stop (momentarily) before racing with excitement.
Needless to say, when I mentioned that I tried some for breakfast to make sure it was decent, she let out a whine because that would be the lesser amount I would bring over.
LOL, I have a feeling that I’ll be making this soon again.

Just for the plating I put some fresh blueberries and a sliced apricot, as well as some raspberry sauce. But seriously, I just indulged in the (low fat!) cheesecake alone… 1/4 of the 9" pan… good breakfast… 😉

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