What cheap catering ideas would you recommend?

Question by Curious George: What cheap catering ideas would you recommend?
Hi. I am looking to cater lunch to about 15 people a day for 5 days. I am in Hollywood with an ultra-low budget.

The goal is super inexpensive food that tastes good and is pretty healthy.

ANY and ALL food ideas are appreciated.
Just so yo know, for the most part, I am looking to outsource this, not cook it myself.

Great answers so far! Keep them coming :^D

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Answer by ColleenLucky7
A veggie tray each day…. you prepare it yourself to save money…..
Dip.. a different one each day…
Bottled water to drink or a punch… different color and flavor of punch each day

Day one….. turkey, ham and cheese trays….. condiments…. buns…..

Day two… Meat balls, sauce and Italian buns

Day Three…. Make spaghetti (use left over meat balls)
Serve garlic toasted rolls left over from first two days.

Day Four…. Cranberry Glazed Chicken Breasts (you can buy big bags of them at Wal-mart….cheap) Serve with mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables. Serve with corn bread.

Day Five…. Make a turkey dinner…. all the trimmings….

Make sure you have plenty of napkins, cups and plates.

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What are cheap, healthy meal ideas for broke college kids?

Question by Chris C: What are cheap, healthy meal ideas for broke college kids?
I’m trying to figure out some easy meals to have on a regular basis that will be both cheap and good for me. Being broke in this economy is pretty common, so any ideas would be awesome!

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Answer by Alych Y
you can try eggs go to these site:













hopeit helps:-)

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Cheap, easy, healthy, kid-friendly meal ideas?

Question by Dale: Cheap, easy, healthy, kid-friendly meal ideas?
I am 22, just out of college, got a fulltime job, and just inherited my three younger brothers and sisters. I don’t have the money to take them out to eat a lot, and have next to no cooking skills – but trying to learn. We have existed on a diet of ramen noodles, hot dogs, and warmed up fishsticks, chicken nuggets, and pizza. And mac and cheese, must not forget the mac and cheese.

I tried looking at some cookbooks in the bookstore. They scared me. Sorry, but I don’t think the kids are going to eat “Basil Chicken in Coconut Curry Sauce” Matter of fact I am certain of it, because I asked and they just looked at me. We have been laughing about it ever since.

But seriously, I wanna feed them good food. They have had a crappy time of it, and I figure its the least I can do. Healthy stuff, not the three times warmed up crap I got off the grocery store freezer shelf up till now.

I tried my own list. I got spaghetti – how hard can it be? Chili. I think I can do chili. I am honestly at a loss for anything else though. Any ideas are appreciated. Nothing too complicated, I work all day and don’t have the time or energy for it. Just normal food. If you have a cookbook with SIMPLE food for someone who can barely boil water, please dear god tell me – but don’t throw it up there unless you personally own and use the book.

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Answer by Melinda Sue Fritz
turkey burgers

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what are cheap and healthy foods to eat for a person who runs and lifts allot?

Question by feretface: what are cheap and healthy foods to eat for a person who runs and lifts allot?
I run sprints for about two hours five days a Weekend then lift for another two hours three days a week(a painful combo) for the school track team and i don’t have a whole lot of money to eat food. I need something healthy and fast because i don’t have as much time to cook and something to better my performance.

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Answer by Agnitio Prudentia
Canned Tuna, lunch meats, high fiber/protein cereals, canned veggies, supplements…

I just recommend canned tuna, i eat it straight out of the can and it’s got like 33g of protein and costs nothing.

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