Drinking water in Mugunga camp, eastern DRC

Drinking water in Mugunga camp, eastern DRC
Image by Oxfam International
A woman drinks water collected at an Oxfam water pipe in Mugunga I camp near the city of Goma, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tens of thousands of Congolese have fled recent fighting in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, seeking refuge in camps near the city of Goma.

Oxfam has been providing live-saving aid in three camps around Goma since July 2012, piping and trucking clean water to people who had fled the fighting. We have built latrines and installed sanitation services, as well as providing cash distributions to help people buy food.

Oxfam also works in several areas across the North and South Kivu provinces, providing water and sanitation, and helping communities get their rights to adequate protection.

More than 2.5 million people are now displaced in Congo – with more than 760,000 displaced since the beginning of 2012 in the Kivus.

Read more: Conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Photo: Eddy Mbuyi/Oxfam, January 2013

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What types of healthy foods should i bring to cheer camp?

Question by : What types of healthy foods should i bring to cheer camp?
I’m going to cheer camp on Friday, & the camp isn’t serving breakfast or lunch. There’s a mini fridge in the hotel room so they told us to bring HEALTHY snacks. My roommate is bringing some candy to ease ourselves from all the healthy eating, but I’m in charge of the healthy foods.

Best answer:

Answer by Brianna
bring healthy cereal, fruit and veggies.

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Camp FRESH 2011

Camp FRESH 2011
Healthy Food For Children
Image by Christiana Care
Anthony Graves eats all his carrots.

But only a few months ago, the 13-year-old from New Castle filled up on junk food.

“I used to eat chips, cupcakes and soda,” he says. “Now I eat carrots, broccoli and tomatoes.”

Anthony is enrolled in Camp FRESH, short for "fresh resources everyone should have," founded in 2007 by Christiana Care’s Center for Community Health, part of the Department of Family and Community Medicine. The nine-week program educates youth, ages 13-18, on nutrition and encourages them to eat healthy foods, while being aware that their food environment could make it difficult to do so.

Camp FRESH also works with the Delaware Center for Horticulture to educate youths on how people in urban communities can grow their own produce.

On a recent afternoon, Anthony and other campers asked people in Rodney Square to take the 2011 Community Food Access Survey to gauge the eating habits of people in the city of Wilmington and assess their attitudes on accessibility to healthy foods. They asked consumers what kinds of food they eat, where they buy groceries and how much they exercise.

Results from the first survey, administered in 2007, found that a lack of access to nutritious foods was a serious obstacle to healthy eating habits. Since then, two new supermarkets have opened—ShopRite on Market Street in Wilmington and Food Lion on Governor Printz Boulevard in Edgemoor.

The latest results, to be compiled in the fall, will help to identify continuing barriers in urban communities to eating nutritious, low-fat foods and working out.

Richard Johnson of Bear, a school disciplinarian who took the survey, told Anthony that he has given up red meat and fried foods and eats lots of fruits and vegetables. He thinks Camp FRESH will have a lasting, positive impact on the youths.

“Working in schools, I see that obesity is a serious problem with kids,” he says. “Christiana Care is doing a very good thing in teaching kids about nutrition.”

Indeed, Delawareans are getting fatter, according to a recent study by the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The report says 28 percent of adults in the First State are obese, defined as weighing at least 20 percent more than normal. Among children, 33.2 percent are overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Campers come primarily from Wilmington, where corner stores carry little fresh produce and supermarkets are not readily accessible.

“We tell kids that fast food might taste good—but it is not good for you,” says Christopher C. Moore, healthy lifestyle coordinator at Christiana Care’s Center for Community Health. “We know that if given the right tools and information, the Camp FRESH youth have the ability to affect a lot of positive change.”

Over the years, more than 250 teens have participated in the program. Many say they are learning good habits that will last a lifetime.

“On the first day, I stopped drinking soda and started drinking water,” says Dkwan Brown, 14, of Wilmington. “Now I eat collard greens and salad. Anything that looks healthy, I will try.”

Instead of fried chicken, 13-year-old Aionna Williams of Wilmington asks her mother to make baked chicken. She and her mom stock up on veggies at ShopRite, Walmart and Target, as well as the Camp FRESH farmer’s market.

“The corner store is convenient but they don’t have healthy foods, only chips and stuff,” she says.

As for Anthony, he has lost 5 pounds and feels more energetic.

“I can tell that eating healthy foods is good for me,” he says. “That is why I want to get other people on board.”

Coleman 5010D700T Camp Oven

Coleman 5010D700T Camp Oven

  • Camping oven for baking muffins, biscuits, and more at the campsite
  • Receives heat from Coleman 2- or 3-burner camping stove
  • Adjustable steel bake rack and easy-to-read thermometer
  • Made of smooth aluminized steel; folds flat for easy storage
  • Measures 12 x 12 x 12 inches (W x H x D); weighs 7 pounds

Camp OvenCamping stoves and other cooking accessories have made it possible to cook most things outdoors, but baked goods have always been out of the question. Until now, that is. Made of smooth aluminized steel, the Coleman camping oven lets you bake a batch of muffins, biscuits, or rolls right at the campsite.

The Coleman camping oven is designed to sit on a two- or three-burner camping stove.

The oven doesn’t require electric or gas power to work. Instead, campers simply place the oven on top of a Coleman two- or three-burner stove, which provides all the heat you need to bake your favorite dishes. The oven also offers such baking essentials as an adjustable steel bake rack and an easy-to-read thermometer. And when you’re done baking, the oven folds flat for easy storage. Made in China, the Coleman camping oven measures 12 by 12 by 12 inches (W x H x D) when standing and weighs 7 pounds.

About Coleman
More than 100 years ago, a young man with an entrepreneurial spirit and a better idea began manufacturing lanterns in Wichita, Kansas. His name was W.C. Coleman, and the company he founded would change life in America. A man plagued with such poor vision he sometimes had to ask classmates to read aloud to him, Coleman saw a brilliant light in 1900 in a drugstore window that stopped him in his tracks. He inquired about the light inside and discovered he was able to read even the small print on a medicine bottle by the illumination. The lamps had mantles, not wicks, and were fueled by gasoline under pressure instead of coal oil. Soon afterward, Coleman started a lighting service that offered a “no light, no pay” clause–a big step forward for merchants who were burned by inferior products that rarely worked–and drew substantial interest from businesses that wanted to keep their lights on after dark.

In the ensuing years, Coleman expanded its product line well beyond lanterns. The company’s current catalog is thick with products that make spending time outdoors a pleasure. There are coolers that keep food and drinks cold for days on end, comfortable airbeds that won’t deflate during the night, a complete line of LED lights that last for years, powerful portable grills that cook with an authentic open-grill flame, and much, much more. Coleman has truly fashioned much of our outdoor camping experience, and expects to do so for generations to come.

List Price: $ 38.99

Price: $ 34.26