having difficulty planning vegetarian high protein diet with economic shopping for body building, plx hlp!!?

Question by bibblessss: having difficulty planning vegetarian high protein diet with economic shopping for body building, plx hlp!!?
here is a little bit about my current diet, i am aiming for 150g protein a day, thats 1g per pound of body weight. at current it usually goes
cereal (10g protein)
2 slice soya and linseed toast with peanut butter 17g protein
usually either quorn fajitas to about 20g protein, or batchelors pasta and sauce (20g protein), or quorn spaghetti bolognese,
usually same applies to a further 2 meals as above, and also i have 2/3 vegetarian protein shakes at about 20g protein a day.

i wanna cut out or limit my shakes to about 1 shake at 20/40gram post workout on a 5 day split. and also i wanna have 4 meals of 40g protein a day.

im findin shopping and planning very hard, so i need some guidance from fellow buildin vegetarians.

thanks 😀 x

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Answer by yogiT
Egg whites – can easily add to just about anything without altering flavour all that much
nuts – to cereal or solo
beans – add to pasta sauce, soup, fajitas

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American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to Your Child’s Nutrition: Making Peace at the Table and Building Healthy Eating Habits for Life

American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to Your Child’s Nutrition: Making Peace at the Table and Building Healthy Eating Habits for Life

A parent’s guide to nutrition for children offers useful advice on dealing with picky eaters, understanding weight standards, and adjusting dietary requirements from birth through adolescence. Original. 17,500 first printing.In American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to Your Child’s Nutrition, nutritionist William H. Dietz and pediatrician Loraine Stern have written an authoritative, comprehensive resource for parents concerned about their children’s nutrition. The book is subtitled Making Peace at the Table and Building Healthy Eating Habits for Life, and it provides useful tips for concerned parents on how to feed their children well without turning into the food police. Subjects covered include instructions for breast and bottle feeding, introducing semi-solids and solids, toddler meals and resistance, school lunches, adolescent/parent food struggles, eating disorders, the relationship between smoking and weight distribution, and, of course, the recommended Food Guide Pyramid. The chapter on eating and food problems, titled “Spitting Up, Gagging, Vomiting, Diarrhea, and Constipation,” may not make for great reading on a sensitive stomach, yet it provides a great resource for parents with an ailing child. Another chapter, titled “What Do I Do About Outside Influences?” discusses parental influence, peer pressure, television, and how they may affect your child’s relationship with food. Additional subjects include food safety, alternative diets, and allergies. –Ericka Lutz

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What are some good muscle building / bodybuilding exercises without equipment?

Question by ewra: What are some good muscle building / bodybuilding exercises without equipment?
I’ll be going overseas in a few days for 1 month.
I have been bulking up for 3months now and I don’t want this month to stop my progress or have too much of a hindering effect on my goals.
I won’t have access to a gym or weights, it will just be me and my body. Can you guys name some good exercises that will use my own bodyweight and promote muscle growth.
The ones I can think of is:
-Crunches (with a book or something heavy behind my head)


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Answer by Fa

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Benefits of High Protein Diet and Building Muscle Supplement

Benefits of High Protein Diet and Building Muscle Supplement

The high protein diet plan is one of the most popular forms of diet plans around the world. Everyone can meet their health goals by eating foods that are high in proteins. From increasing muscle to gaining weight and losing fat, this type of diet can help to achieve all type of fitness goals. This diet can be highly beneficial for people having different types of bodies. However, it needs certain changes depending on one’s health objectives and goals. You can also use a building muscle supplement to get the desired health results in minimum time.

Proteins are the building blocks of muscles and consuming high protein foods is important for a healthy body. Our muscle mass will not increase without sufficient amount of protein. Protein is also essential in building and repairing the muscles that get broken down during rigorous workouts. Apart from muscle building, a high protein diet plan is also effective in losing fat and weight. They have extremely low calorie and saturated fat content. Therefore high protein foods are healthy and since they have low calories, they help in losing weight.

Chicken, turkey, beef, fish, egg whites and nuts are some of the foods that are rich in protein. Consumption of 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight is usually the most recommended amount of protein for healthy adults. People involved in body building can benefit from a slightly higher intake than this. Well, for some people it is impossible to consume this amount of protein everyday. This is where building muscle supplement can help. They can carry along with them protein shakes and bars that are easily available in the market. Supplements are quick to prepare, beneficial and convenient to carry.

A high protein diet plan is beneficial when protein is taken during certain times of the day. You must have them during breakfast, before going to bed and after workouts. Eating the right amount of protein everyday is the key to a healthy body and healthy life. If you can’t carry your tuna fish or chicken breasts around, you can trust building muscle supplement to add extra pounds quickly to your body.

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Classic Physical Education & Healthy Eating PE Films DVD: Building Good Habits for Exercise, Fitness, Nutrition & Diet

Classic Physical Education & Healthy Eating PE Films DVD: Building Good Habits for Exercise, Fitness, Nutrition & Diet

This historic films collection follows the origins of America’s obsession with beauty and physique. This DVD includes some amazingly progressive films focused on teaching how to plan balanced meals and a good exercise routine…the fundamental practices of a healthy lifestyle. Looking good never looked so good. (1) Exercise (1949) – Ernie, Gene, and Hal are members of the gymnastics club and achieve great happiness as a result of there regular exercise regiment.

Length: 00:09:50

(2) Fun That Builds Good Health – Young Jimmy learns that winning is fun and good for your health.

Length: 00:10:01

(3) Getting Ready Physically (1951) – How young men should go about planning their physical development.

Length: 00:10:28

(4) Good Sportsman (1950) – Teaches young boys hot to play games fairly and follow the rules.

Length: 00:09:29

(5) They Grow Up So Fast – A mother worries about her sons lack of exercise and lobbies the school to hire a gym teacher.

Length: 00:24:32

(6) Eat For Health (1954) – Ralph spoils his dinner by eating a candy bar. He gets a good lesson in a balances diet and nutrition.

Length: 00:10:24

(7) Foundation Foods (1951) – Planning balanced meals with “Body Building” or “Foundation Food,” both names for the original seven food groups chart, is promoted as key to healthy living and a happy life.

Length: 00:09:54

(8) Good Eating (1951) – Bill gets a stomach ache because he is always eating on the go. “Its fun to eat food with the family. Especially when there is good food on the table.”

Length: 00:09:45

(9) It’s All In Knowing How (1954) – Bob is depressed because he has a poor diet and is not getting enough sleep.

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(10) Wartime Nutrition (1943) – How to maintain good nutrition with limited food resources due to wartime scarcities.

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High Protein Diet Plan ? How to Structure the Best Diet for Building Muscle Mass

High Protein Diet Plan ? How to Structure the Best Diet for Building Muscle Mass

Having trouble gaining muscle mass? You’ve probably tried all sorts of garbage hyped by bodybuilding magazines as “the latest breakthrough” for great muscle gains, but have you really sit down and structure a high protein diet plan in order to incite positive changes with your physique?

Before I cover my way of structuring the best diet for building muscle, it’s essential that you sink in a couple of important points beforehand:

1. You’re required to eat about 5 to 6 meals spaced out every 3 to 4 hours, day in day out, otherwise you can forget about having a strong and lean body.

2. Realize that the best diet for building muscle mass involves consuming the appropriate ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids or generally known as the “good” fats.

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So to put on more muscle size, I’d recommend a daily caloric intake of 50% protein, 30% carbohydrates, and finally, 20% fat. Don’t subscribe to the common belief that a high protein diet plan may interfere with the proper function of the kidneys.

Remember you’re not planning to lounge on the couch, watching TV while nibbling on junk foods all day. You’re goal is to put on weight by increasing muscle size and the only way to accomplish this is to go on a high protein diet plan.

Alright I’m going to stop jabbering now and let you in on how I plan the best diet for building muscle.

Meal Structure 1:

The most important meal of the day, breakfast – 1 scoop of whey protein, 2 whole eggs, 1 mug of low fat milk, a bowl of oats, and a capsule of high-potency multivitamin = 44 grams of protein.

Lunch time – A cup of brown rice, 3.5 oz grilled chicken with 2 egg whites plus mix veggies, and vitamin C = 36 grams of protein.

The third meal – 4 whole eggs, a scoop of whey protein, a cup of pasta and a tablespoon of flaxseed oil = 48 grams of protein.

Dinner – Tuna in water sandwich along with an apple or banana plus vitamin C = 30 grams of protein.

Pre-Bedtime meal – 1 scoop of whey mixed with a large glass of low fat milk, a small cup of yogurt and 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil = 32 grams of protein.

Meal Structure 2 (workout day):

Breakfast – 1 scoop of whey protein, 1 lean burger patty with 2 whole grain bread, an apple, 1 multivitamin plus a tablespoon of flaxseed oil = 44 grams of protein.

Lunch – A cup of brown rice, 4 oz of stir fry beef with 2 whole eggs, mix veggies and a vitamin C = 40 grams of protein.

Pre-workout meal – A scoop of whey with milk, a bowl of oats and a banana = 32 grams of protein

Post-workout meal – 1 and a half scoop of whey along with a glass of lemonade for spiking insulin through the roof! = 36 grams of protein

Dinner – 3.5 oz chicken breast strips with 1 baked potato, mix veggies and vitamin C = 30 grams of protein.

Pre-Bedtime meal – Another scoop of whey protein mixed with milk, a quarter cup of cottage cheese, a piece of whole grain toast and of course, a tablespoon of flax seed oil = 39 grams of protein

I weigh approximately 175 pounds so I’d try to consume at least a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight on a daily basis.

The first meal and second meal nets a grand total of 190 grams and 221 grams of protein respectively. As far as I’m concerned this is the best diet for building muscle.

This kind high protein diet plan has served me well so far, and you may use it as a guideline for structuring your very own mass gaining diet.

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THE REWARD: You will get a vastly improved body, increased strength, confidence and productivity.

The experiment is totally FREE of charge but for serious folks only. Just check it out at

Eugene Armand

The 6 Minute Muscle Building Meal Plan – Healthy Dinners

athleanx.com You will never confuse me with Emeril that’s for sure. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t teach you how to cook up an awesome tasting meal in minutes that won’t only taste great but actually help you to build muscle and burn fat. Sound like just what you were looking for? Good. One thing that drives me up a wall are the so called experts out there telling you to be scared of carbs and that the only way you’ll be able to lose weight and build muscle is to starve yourself all day. This is simply not true. I’m going to show you how you can actually eat lots of the right kinds of food to build muscle fast and how it’s actually necessary for your body to burn fat and get lean. With the AthLEAN-X 90 day X-Factor Muscle building meal plans, you are now able to start eating again…and enjoying your food like you used to (when you weren’t on a diet!) Let me show you exactly how me and my top professional athlete clients eat for muscle gain and a fast metabolism. Former physical therapist and strength coach for the New York Mets, Celebrity fitness trainer and Men’s Fitness magazine writer Jeff Cavaliere shows you how to eat for muscle gain and fat loss by taking you through a 6 minute meal that anybody (even those with limited kitchen skills) can make. For even more healthy and great tasting meal options head to http to get the AthLEAN-X System and 90 day meal plans. Be the best you can be in the year 2010 with AthLEAN-X!