Any tips for healthy eating on a budget?

Question by gratefulearthdesigns: Any tips for healthy eating on a budget?
I am a 23 year old college student and I am looking for some good tips/recipes/ideas for healthy eating on a budget. I love fresh fruits and vegetables… and pretty much anything diet related/healthy…. that’s not the problem. My problem is that I can’t afford to pay the ridiculously high prices for healthy food! Does anyone have any ideas?
I like the ideas so far but one thing I should definaely qualify is that I live in maine… so this time of year the farmer’s market is not an option… sadly.

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Answer by mikan
i’m having the same problem too. right now i’m living off of pb&j sandwiches, apples, bananas, and any yogurt that has a 5 for 4$ sale!

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Budget Meal Ideas: Balancing the Dinner Budget

How do you balance the dinner budget? It can be challenging to feed your family well on a budget. Whether you buy in bulk, clip coupons or plan your family meals in advance, Ragú® offers budget meal ideas and recipes to help you cook nutritious dinners for the whole family. For a budget dinner recipe that lasts a few days, try the Mexican Style Meatloaf by Ragú®.
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Homemade Fruit Smoothies from Cooking Healthy on a Budget with Jane

Jane Makes Homemade Fruit Smoothies. Fruit Smoothies are also called Fruitshakes, Veggie and Fruit Shake, Vegetable Juicing, Power Smoothies, Frozen Fruit Smoothies . This is one of the healthiest meals that you can have in less then 10 minutes. Raw fruits and vegetables are filled with Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants and Enzymes that help boost your Metabolism and suppress hunger. Another great benefit from Homemade Fruit Smoothies is that the liquid juice does not need to be broken down, so Nutrition is easily absorbed into the body and into the bloodstream. And you also don’t have to waste energy chewing and digesting your food either. A Fruit Smoothie is not the same as Juicing. A Juicing Machine produces a more concentrated juice but uses more fruits and vegetables then a blender would. Juicing also produces more waste, even though the leftover pulp from juicing can be used in other recipes. The nice thing about using a blender instead of a juicer is that you eat the juice and the pulp together so nothing is wasted. And the clean up from a blender is also easier then a juicer. Another great thing about Fruit Smoothies is that you can use any combination of fruits and vegetables that you like. You can also use certain fruits and vegetables for a particular diet or for a particular nutritional need. You can also add extra vitamins, protein mix, soy, yogurt, wheat germ or herbs if you need to. When buying your fruits and vegetables for blending always buy fruits
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How to shop on a budget?

Question by animefan749: How to shop on a budget?
I’m a bit of an impulse buyer and love to spend money that I have on cute clothes mostly, because wearing what I like makes me feel good. I saved over $ 3000 this past summer, but I am now reduced to the low amount of $ 80. WTF is wrong with me?! I need to learn how to shop on a budget. Any tips?

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Answer by LemonZest
Shopping on a budget is tricky as I know myself, but planning is pretty helpful.
Next time you know you’re going shopping, write down the things that you NEED. Look on the internet at the shops you’re planning to go to and add up the prices of the things you’re going to get.
Once you know the total, only put that amount of money in your purse. (leeways are allowed, but only a little!)
If you keep practising this, you should be fine. 🙂

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