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Cooking Tips: What kind of meat is good 4 pasta? How to brown chicken?

Question by XOXO: Cooking Tips: What kind of meat is good 4 pasta? How to brown chicken?
Hi Im trying 2 brush up on my cooking skills. I want to know what type of meat is suggested for pasta, a meat w/ a nice coloring. And how to get my chicken to have a nice golden brown coloring? Thanks

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Answer by Madison
i use hamburger meat. and to get a good color on chicken, sear it in olive oil on both sides in a pan then finish cooking it in the oven

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Barry-Gourmet-with-Sprouted Brown Rice

Barry-Gourmet-with-Sprouted Brown Rice
Health Tips
Image by Barry Gourmet and Raw
How to Prepare Asian Rice
The Barry Gourmet Way

The reasons are very simple why I decided to write about Rice preparations for good health, weight loss management, and longevity.
Rice is a stable food for centuries and for millions of people every day around the world. It’s so important for many agricultural countries today especially in the Asian region.
For myself back then like many western people growing up in America I was brought up on meat(Protein) and potatoes (Starch) with vegetables and fruits only as a side dish .
It was only later in my life in my mid 30s that I discovered the benefits of including rice into my diet to help me to lose almost half my excess body weight. Don’t get me wrong , it was not the rice alone , but from my personal experience and research on this most valued of Asian grains I can say to you that my good vibrant health, my awareness of Asian Culture, and Nutritional value of certain grains of rice.Germinated Brown Rice has been and will be for many years to come an important food in the diet that I choose to be on, and one that I endorse whole heartily. You will notice in many of my recipes that I include some sort of health grain such as rice.

I consider myself to be a Naturalist, An Investigator of all things Natural for Living a Good Life, the Environment, Weight Loss & Good Health, and Sustainable Living. I am just a person that enjoys to share ones Life Style with others to inspire and to help other people to also discover and to obtain their own health freedom,happiness, and to be free from pain.

My first introduction to Rice was many years ago in the 80s when I was at the peak of my struggle with obesity and noticed a book on the shelf at the Whole Foods grocery store near the check out counter in Studio City California USA. The book was written by the God Father and Educator of Macrobiotics Mr. Michio Kushi . I was enlightened and my feet felt literally glued to the floor as I read through some of the content and discovered the benefits of Organic Brown Rice with complimentary healthy and delicious condiments to enrich every serving with incredible nutrition and taste.

This amazing diet originating from Japan embraces whole foods of Brown Rice, whole wheat berries,millet,barley, fermented organic soy products, a wide variety of fresh Fruits & Vegetables, many kinds of legumes, sea vegetables ,seeds, seasonings and condiments.
Macrobiotics means “Long Life” or “Great Life “ in Greek terminology and was first used by Hippocrates the Founding Father of Western Medicine , but his practice was based around the healing connection with Nature, with whole foods like whole brown rice.Hippocrates was born in Greece centuries ago around 460 BC.

Michio Kushi, Anne Wigmore, Dr. Bernard Jensen, and many other experts that researched extensively on the health benefits of whole grains and notably Brown Rice made a profound positive Health influence on my life, to take responsibility for my own health. This protocol of
following the Macrobiotic Diet plan and later discovering my own personal complimentary protocol eventually led me to drop almost half my body weight.I felt better about my self, and the physical pain and symptoms related to my poor food choices and sedentary life style over time, just went away for good.

More than 30 years ago when I visited Thailand , I was amazed by seeing all the lean ,thin and healthy people compared to what I was used to seeing back home in Canada and the United States. Thailand is a prime agricultural hub for many varieties of rice to chose from, but today like many other Asian countries that I have lived in the nutritionally deficient White Rice brand is consumed mostly today at home, and in restaurants. This really is too bad as diabetes is on the rise , and I feel there is a lacking of enough public Health education to show the better alternatives. I consider the Asian white rice to be the mirrored equivalent of the Western white floured bread as both are starchy foods that lack fiber for proper digestion ,that promotes obesity along with the other related health problems.

OK so we know now that white rice does not make the grade and that brown rice is in.
But also in is a list of rices that would be far to many for me to write in this report but just a few would be such as , Red, Black, Wild, Purple, with thousands of unmilled ,different varieties around the world to choose from.

How to contain the rice is important as many people know that stored rice of any kind is fare game for vermin, and insects if not stored properly. I store my whole unmilled rice in Glass or stainless steal containers with air tight lids.My Thai wife likes to place dried chili peppers in the stored rice for added protection benefits . Store your rice in a cool dry place never in Aluminum or plastic containers.

For rice preparation most people will clean their rice in water then cook right away with 1 parts rice to 2 parts water in a sauce pan or electric rice cooker . It works but takes longer to prepare this way in the long run and much of the nutrition is lost through overcooking up to 90 percent. There is way to much health controversy with Aluminum cook ware and the connection with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, so I would play it safe and just use Stainless Steel appliances only.

Preparing Organic Asian Rice, the Barry Gourmet Way is really easy, practical, and will enhance your nutritional status and immunity support for your body.

One note that I need to make is that the Barry Gourmet Way of germinating the sprouted rice for the steam basket is 50 percent less time to make than all the You Tube Videos and print adds that I see on line. I plan later to create a simple You Tube video on just how easy and practical my method really is and I am pleased to share it with you.

Every one is saying that after the initial soaking of the grains over night then it takes 3 days of sprouting, with each day rinsing 2 to 3 times. Well you can rest assure that my method will not take up near as much time and you don’t need to waste your time and all that water either .

The Barry Gourmet Method takes only one and a half days with one rinse only on the first day thats it!!

OK for the method….I usually start my Rice preparations in the evening a couple of hours before bed time.
Step 1: Place your grains in a large ceramic,glass or stainless steal bowl of filtered pure water. Stir the rice around to see the water become murky from all the sediment and pour out the water and repeat the process until the water is perfectly clear. Then pour in enough water to be about 2 inches above the rice level surface.Then cover the container with a towel or colander to keep the rice safe from the elements in a dark room over night.

Step 2:In the morning you will notice that all the water may be gone absorbed by your rice, and the grains now look fatter , plumper, and possibly you may see some germinated growth of a living grain? “This Natural micro miracle phenomenon happens sooner or later” you just need a bit of patience.
Then rinse the grains until your water is clear again and then discard the water into a pail and if you have a garden this nutrient rich gray water from your brown rice is good for your plants. You will notice that the Rice grains are much softer and not hard bodied like before and actually almost edible but not yet as the starches ,enzyme inhibiters,and any trace amount of possible gluten may still be part of the grain but in much smaller amounts.
The following method of sprouting rice is new to the internet world as far as I know and I will share this simple way off speeding up your sprouting process with out all the rinsing and mold problems associated with too much water and not enough air.

I call it the FLIP and TOSS METHOD, After the initial draining of the soaked grains overnight .
Step 3: Using a stainless steal strainer the round bunch bowl shaped type, just layer your brown rice grains across your stainless steal fine meshed colander with the flat of your hand so that the grains are not on top of each other to much about half and inch. You can have many colanders going at the same time like I do for even more rice preparation if you like. The Colanders take up less space informing that punch bowl effect and they can be easily stacked together for a great space saver as well. Your damp rice grains will naturally stick to the surface at this point so just loosely cover the top with towel to keep the unwelcome elements of nature out and if you live in tropical Thailand like myself then I would place your colander of sprouting grains on a shallow bowl of water to form a moat boundary to keep the ants away.
Make sure that your brown rice grains are not soaked to much , but just dampened. To achieve this just layer some unbleached paper towels over the rice and gently pat down to absorb the excess water from your rice grains.Cover the top of the colander with a loose cloth towel and leave it that way for the whole day.

Thats it !! No need to make 2 or 3 rinses a day that all the other methods out there are telling you to do.

When you come back to inspect your rice late in the afternoon on the first day all you need to do is with a wooden spoon gently turn over your Germinated Rice Grains so the wet sides are facing up, and if you wish to a gentle mist spray of water around the out sides of the strainer baskets is all thats needed.

You can steam your rice on the first day as the normally hard kernels have softened some what.
Very important note ,using a paper towel unbleached you can pat down across the grain surface to remove excess water as you want dampness and not wetness.

The 2nd day in the morning simply your sprouts should be ready for steaming just turn them over to expose the damp side up again and spread them across the surface as you did previously and leave them or use parts of them for steaming .Don’t forget to take out the excess moister with a towel pat down and then cover the colander with your towel. On the 2nd and 3 day the steaming time will be much less time as the grains have softened quite a bit.
When you rub your fingers and hands across them they will never feel soggy but just dampened a little. Once they have dried out to the touch then you can store them in air tight glass mason jars in your refrigerator for up to 1 week or 2.

Rice is classified as a non gluten grain , but still with all the varieties out there and the fact that oats have been cross bred with glutenous grains you never know. (Gluten is an undigestible protein for many people suffering from Celiacs disease.) but rice is generally safe in this respect.

My method of Rice preparation reduces the gluten load on the grain dramatically and works well with glutinous wheat berries as well.
What is happening now is your whole rice grains are now germinating with life using only a little bit of water and air to further develop and grow resting in a metal colander covered by a loose towel.

Any time during the day you can divide up your grains half in a sealed class jar for later use in the refrigerator or a portion of your living grains can be ready to lightly steam.

It is important to note that for all living sprouted grains, seeds, legumes, and pods that care should be taken that the food is receiving fresh air , indirect sunlight if you wish for some green chlorophyl and that the old water is rinsed out and replaced with new to keep the grains looking good and healthy.Important Tip: Your sprouts should never stay soaked with water through out the germination process as excess water just leads to mould and spoilage.WE want to treat the grains with dampness and lots of air for the best results. With practice you will know when it is a good time to let the grains dry out a little then store them in tight containers in the refrigerator. Sprouted grains can last up to 1 week or two this way no problem.

2 Important Secrets to effective Weight Loss and Good Vibrant Health:

( The first secret to good health and weight loss is to consume foods that spoil ,to eat foods that are perishable ,not to eat foods that last forever on the supermarket shelf)

( The second and just as important as the first ,is burning more calories off of your body ,than you are taking in , through MOVING your body. I did not mention the word exercise as that seems to turn off a lot of couch potatoes out there ,( I used to be one my self many years ago)
I am not talking about working out like a mad man in the gym either , or performing athletic training maneuvers that would shock most peoples bodies. I am talking simply moving the body in an enjoyable way but intensive as well in an interval way that I will post later with more details soon.

And a very important 3rd Tip : You can eat the best quality of most health foods our their, but the way the food is prepared will also make a big difference in the world regarding your nutritional intake and the foods taste as well, that I plan to cover in a later post soon.

Back to preparing Asian Rice the Barry Gourmet Way:

Always presoak for a few minutes and rinse off the water that carries the grains protein enzyme inhibiters and the left over elements from the previous germination process to keep your grains fresh and moist ,ready for the steam basket.

Simply place you’re living rice grains in a stainless steal colander,and place it into your steam basket with enough water at the bottom .With the lid on top you can steam until you receive your desired result. Often I will add herbs and spices to the rice to steam together. The combinations are endless.

Some times I will add pre-soaked dry mushrooms to the living rice grains, which gives you a wonderful soup broth at the bottom of the steamer. You can add a few pre soaked dry mushroom caps , with herbs at the bottom of the steamer as well. After a while it almost becomes second nature to you ,to experiment with your foods, its like riding a bicycle, to think and prepare your rice this way.

Nutritionally speaking this method will enable the germinated sprouted brown rice grains to supply your body with more bio-available vitamins of E, increased Bs, Omega 3s fatty acid,Calcium,Protein,a good source of dietary fiber,with Complex Carbohydrate,Zinc,Magnesium,Selenium ,Gamma Oryzanol (oil from the bran) and Anthocyanin. (Enhanced natural colors of the grains through germination)

One Nutritional Tip about Selenium: Selenium is a trace mineral essential for our Immune support. We can only get this mineral from our soil, but unfortunately many countries including parts of China has top soil deficient in the mineral Selenium.
So a good source of bio-available Selenium will come from the richest food on the planet for this essential mineral. And that is the Brazil Nut . Only 2 a Day is enough to supply your body with enough Selenium.

Taste Wise: The Barry Gourmet Way method of preparing brown rice this way tastes savory nutty, and sweet,enjoy .

“ Love your Natural Foods “

Barry Gourmet & Raw

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