Can i return something ive bought from gamestop using a power up rewards coupon and still use the coupon?

Question by Jalils China: Can i return something ive bought from gamestop using a power up rewards coupon and still use the coupon?
So i bought a used wii tonight and i used 25,000 reward points to get a $ 25 off coupon i want to return this used wii to gamestop and buy a brand new one. Will they still give me $ 25 off?

Best answer:

Answer by Christian G
I have not done this before, but knowing gamestop you should be able to do that. They probably wont give you a new coupon, but just take the $ 25 off the purchase of the new Wii. If you want to, you can call your local store to see, or just go there and they will tell you. Make sure you bring your power up card along with any receipts.

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?bought With Coupons? ? an Ideal Way to Fight Financial Crisis

?bought With Coupons? ? an Ideal Way to Fight Financial Crisis

Buying stuffs with coupons are no longer a new concept. People all over the world are always enthusiastic about these types of coupons. Thereby, such discount vouchers are offered by almost all manufacturers and retailers. Needless to say that these types of coupons help the shoppers to save their hard earned money. In fact, this is the factor that has increased the popularity of the concept of ‘bought with coupons’. These coupons are indeed helpful to cut down some of your monthly bills as well as to fight with the present day inflation and financial crisis. Moreover, shopping with these discount coupons can sometime help you to save on your taxes.

The following are some of tips that will help you to get started with collecting coupons:

Get online coupons. You can conveniently find the coupon codes or promotional codes to get a discount on your online shopping. There are a number of online retailers that offer such coupons. In fact, you can apply more than one coupon code so as to get bigger discounts on your purchase.

You can look for certain Sunday papers that offer discount coupons to their subscribers.

Some of the local grocery stores also offer discount coupons as a part of their advertisement campaign. Look out for such coupons.

You can even ask some of the companies personally for discount coupons.

Types of coupons:

In addition, you will need to understand what types of coupons are available and their benefits. Though there several types of coupons, they can be broadly divided into two categories. These include:

Manufacture coupons:  These types of coupons are the best. You can generally use them at every store as it is the Manufacturing Company that offers the rebate.

Store coupons: These types are coupons are basically offered by particular stores so as to draw your attention. This is basically a part of their marketing and advertisement campaign. One of the major pitfalls of these types of coupons is that they are applicable only for a particular store. However, these days, some stores are also accepting the discount coupons of their competitors or other stores. Thereby, you will need to find out whether your local store accepts competitor coupons.

Some more tips for getting added discountsL:

Look out for double coupons in your local stores. In fact, you can conveniently get such facilities with the online store coupons.

You can conveniently save more money if you can use your coupons when the item goes on sale.

Most importantly, check out the expiration dates of your coupons.

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