China Day Ahead: Mundell Calls Yuan Bill `Disaster’; Buffett Supports BYD

China Day Ahead: Mundell Calls Yuan Bill `Disaster’; Buffett Supports BYD
Nobel-Prize winning economist Robert Mundell said U.S. legislation to press China to raise the value of the yuan would be a “disaster” and fail to narrow the trade deficit between the two nations.
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China Unicom to Sell .8 Billion of Bonds, Dow Jones Reports
China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd. is seeking to raise about $ 1.8 billion in a convertible-bond issue, Dow Jones Newswires said, citing a term sheet, in a report published on the Wall Street Journal’s website.
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Turning to Twitter to address restaurant complaints
CHICAGO – When Tony Bosco saw mostly negative reviews about the restaurant Wow Bao, he Tweeted: “Going to ‘business’ dinner (at)Wow Bao. Can any1 tell me if it’s going to suck as much reviews suggest.” And almost immediately he got a response from an unexpected source – BaoMouth, the official Twitter feed of Wow Bao, an upscale fast food place in Chicago. The restaurant offered him a coupon to …
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