The Monster Health Book: A Guide to Eating Healthy, Being Active & Feeling Great for Monsters & Kids!

The Monster Health Book: A Guide to Eating Healthy, Being Active & Feeling Great for Monsters & Kids!

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Beginning with concise discussions of each of the food groups, along with the newly redesigned food pyramid, Ed Miller looks at all aspects of health and nutrition in this accessible and informative book. Fun facts about different foods are included throughout to keep the reading upbeat and clear distinctions are made between healthy and not-so-healthy meal choices. Readers will learn about nutrients, how to read foods labels and what it means to count calories. Readers will also learn how to develop healthy habits, such as making time for breakfast, tips for packing the best lunch, and the benefits of having a sit down (versus fast food) dinner. Overviews on food illnesses and disorders are included as are the importance of sleep and exercise. With Edward Miller’s comprehensive writing and clear format, making healthy choices truly becomes easier.

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Natural Health Tips and Advice For Greater Well Being

Natural Health Tips and Advice For Greater Well Being

Taking good care of your physical and mental health can be a great challenge for anyone. There are certain things you must consider if you want to maintain good health long term and live with more energy and vitality. Proper diet and exercise are the first things to consider however one must not forget the importance of learning to manage mental stress. Here are some simple tips anyone can follow to attain better levels of health and fitness:

Tip 1: Eat more whole foods

It can be very difficult for most people to completely avoid processed and junk foods however do your best to minimize your consumption of these. Also most restaurants and fast food places have a healthy choices menu option so go for that once in a while as it is usually better in nutritional value than the other items on the menu. Bring a packed lunch to work whenever you can and use whole food ingredients that you cooked yourself that are free from preservatives and other chemicals that most processed foods come with.

Tip 2: Exercise properly

There is no doubt that exercise is critical in order to maintain optimal health. You need both cardiovascular and aerobic exercise in order to burn calories effectively and keep good muscle mass which is essential to maintain strength levels. Aerobic exercise can be done many ways including joining a gym, taking a one hour walk or using a treadmill or bike at home. It is always a good idea to have some fitness equipment at home as this will make it very easy and convenient to exercise which makes it more likely you will stick with it and see better results.

Weight training helps to build and maintain muscle mass, keep in mind that muscles are very effective at burning calories constantly so even women should weight train to add some muscle so that they can maintain a healthy weight for as long as possible. If you have never trained with weights before then it is important that you consider taking a few personal training sessions at a local gym to familiarize yourself with the exercises and the equipment so as to avoid unnecessary injury.

Tip 3: Manage Stress

Mental stress can also affect your overall health in a very negative way. Your mind can release chemicals into your body based on how you think and if you constantly worry or are always angry then your mind will release potentially harmful chemicals into your system.

Learn to control your mind through meditation and calm your thoughts as this will provide you with great stress relief and will also help you solve problems in your life faster as a calm mind can often see solutions more quickly than if you are worrying too much and have a ton of thoughts racing through your head. There are many ways to learn meditation, the simplest approach is to just get a book or take a local yoga class. Make it a habit to spend some time each day doing some meditation and apply the principles you learn even when you are not meditating. Consider applying some of these natural health tips to help you become healthier and stronger.

Carlito is an online researcher, author and a regular contributor to a health and fitness site. Visit us to get useful natural health tips and also be sure to stop by and learn about some effective weight loss tips to help you manage your weight better.

You’ve Learned The Secrets To Money Being Made By Internet Moms!

You’ve Learned The Secrets To Money Being Made By Internet Moms!

This is for all my Internet Moms.  Looking to produce tons of money online or at least enough to be comfortable.  Well the opportunity is avaliable.  And that’s the intention why I have determined to present you the low down on the Internets to jobs and money makers for MOMS…

3. Data Entry

Easy Data Entry is very admired these days on the internet, since it requires no earlier experience and very small wisdom. Although, since it requires so little, the wage is measly at best. Expect to produce anywhere from 7 – 9$ an hour with this tedious online work. Low constant wage, but you can work from your own schedule, which makes it a very well-liked job for moms.

2. Article Marketing

Article marketing has recently stormed the internet with thousands of moms blogging and article writing for commission. It’s pretty straightforward really, you write in relation to products that you like and leave an affiliate link. If the person reading the article clicks that link and purchases something, you receive a fat commission. The articles you write carry on to generate profits long after you walk off the laptop. In truth, I have heard story’s of moms who have written articles years ago that still bring them fat pay checks in at the end of each month.

1. Survey Filling

Filling out surveys is by far the most familiar internet job used by moms. It’s very effortless to do, pays very well, and has virtually no work schedule. Survey filling requires 0 investment in money, and any time you invest will illustrate immediate payment. You don’t need to expend hours learning how it works or expend hundreds in learning a “system”, you simply make an account with a survey service and start earning. This and many other reasons makes this the #1 most admired internet job for moms.

All 3 of these jobs contain there benefits and there disadvantages. If you’re looking for more than just a couple thousand a month, invest your time researching article marketing. If you’re pleased with merely a couple thousand a month of extra income, survey filling is for you.

But If You desire extra.

Internet Marketing Is The Place To GO!!!

Sugary sports drinks mistakenly associated with being healthy: researchers

Sugary sports drinks mistakenly associated with being healthy: researchers
Children who practice healthy lifestyle habits such as eating fruits and vegetables and engaging in physical activity may be negatively impacting their health because they tend to consume large amounts of flavored and sports beverages containing sugar, according to research at The Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth).
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Health-Conscious Teens Like Sports Drinks
Teens with healthy habits are more likely to drink sugar-sweetened sports and fruit drinks than sodas, suggesting that they perceive these beverage options to be consistent with a healthy lifestyle, a study shows.
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Even healthy teens drinking too many sports drinks
It’s not just unhealthy teens who are drinking high-calorie, sugar-sweetened drinks, new research finds; healthy kids drink them too, but often in the form of sports drinks.
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Are my mom and dad being too frugal?!?!?!?!?

Question by Daniel: Are my mom and dad being too frugal?!?!?!?!?
Well that’s basically it, my dad with all his investments brings in about $ 7000-$ 10000 a month my moms is $ 7000 a month… They never go out, if we fly anywhere we fly space available. We are looking for a house, and they got shocked when I showed them a house paymnts a month. They we shocked because it was more than 10% of total monthly income… And they stated that that’s more than they can afford… Is that normal…. I’m trying to find them a car… The most their willing to pay is &250/month for 48 months with $ 5000 down. They buy walmat brand chips even though they don’t like them to keep costs down…. Are thwy taking frugality to the next level…. My mom still drives her 04 ford Taurus even though she bagned it into a tree and the engine makes funny noises now… My dad still drives his 00 sierra even though the engine Is almost dead… Why are they affraid to spend… My parents only have 2 credit cards. On is my moms, which she never uses. The other is my dads, all he uses it for is paying for Internet and cellphone bills… Like I said earlier we fly space available…. I just want them to be happy and to haw a little more luxury in their life… So please help me break their frugality, I have nothing agaisnt it, but it’s just too much

Best answer:

Answer by Ford_Craney
Sounds like he makes 700.00-1000.00 a month and your mom 700.00 a month.
As long as you have a roof over your head, food to eat and clothes and transportation that is all that matters.
Are you sure he makes 7-10k a month and her 7k a month?
Either they are snorting it all up or they have a fear of being broke and are afraid to spend or are working hard towards early retirement.

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Any financial advice for a women who is planning on being a stay at home mom?

Question by CDS08: Any financial advice for a women who is planning on being a stay at home mom?
My husband has given me a challenge.

I am almost 15 weeks pregnant with my first. Because I love my job so much, I always thought I would be the type that would be the “working mom”… Here lately I have such a strong desire to be a stay at home mom, but my husband is afraid that we wont be able to afford to do that.

So here’s the challenge he has given me:

I have to come up with a financial plan that will prove that we can afford to give up my income so I can stay at home. This also includes paying off the $ 3,000 of debt we currently have.

The rest of this month I plan on seeing how much money I can save and really break things down and cut back on extra spending. Kind of a test run.. 🙂

So what I need is any frugal advice or tips from stay at home moms or future stay at home moms…or any frugal person for that matter!

Websites would be helpful too… Thanks so much!

Best answer:

Answer by mojo1969

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