America-Bashing and Your Health: How Being the ‘Good Guy’ Gets Us in Trouble

Minot, ND (PRWEB) September 26, 2006

Sick and tired of America-bashing? There’s been plenty around lately, with Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez being among the most vocal. Healthy living expert Elizabeth Eckert says the same stresses and conflicts that create vulnerability to illness may also leave America open to foreign resentment.

“It’s not intentional, of course,” says Eckert, author of Stress in the Background: How to Thrive in a High-Stress World. “We think we’re doing the right thing. But our collective awareness is off.”

Ask an American to respond to the criticism, and one sentiment will dominate. “We’re good people. We give so much!” Americans take pride in their generosity. They offer aid to their neighbors, welfare to the disadvantaged, and hospitable open borders. Yet that very generosity may be doing them in.

It’s not that they shouldn’t give. The specific challenge they face, according to Eckert, is to practice empowered giving. “Unless we enable the receiver to retain his honor, things won’t go well. As a giver, we have a secondary responsibility to empower the recipient. When we forget that responsibility, whether individually or as a society, we become vulnerable.”

It all hinges on a set of personal commitments that Eckert says form the cornerstone of our society’s collective peace of mind — an integral part of a balanced healthy living practice. In this case, the personal commitment “to do your share to provide for yourself so you do not become a burden to others” is at risk for those who receive America’s good-will. At some level they realize it, and they’re resentful.

When people live in a way that respects their personal commitments, they thrive. By enabling those same commitments in others, the others thrive, too. It’s simple healthy living. But busy as people are, they may not take the time to discern or value those vital commitments. They stay tucked safely away – in the background.

Yet there’s good news to be found as well, Eckert says. “As our awareness increases at an individual level, the collective awareness of the culture will shift. It’s a grass-roots shift. And it’s happening now.”

Elizabeth Eckert, whose background includes energy medicine, neuromuscular therapy, and developmental psychology, supports healthy living through her website and blog.

Learn about shoring up your vulnerability to stress, and access Stress in the Background: How to Thrive in a High-Stress World at

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Health tips for being a male model?

Question by Reginald M: Health tips for being a male model?
Yeah, I’m about to model very soon and I asking for some health tips. I already exercise(hip-hop dancer) but want to know some healthy….
-food tips
-height growth tips
-good skin tips

Thanks again!

Best answer:

Answer by stevecook12
I would work out a lot and consider trying some supplements. I use creatine and whey protein and they both work very well for me. You could get Human growth hormone from your doctor. I f your still young enough and are growing it could help you gain a few inches.

Add your own answer in the comments!

How To Create An Image Based On Good Health And Well Being

How To Create An Image Based On Good Health And Well Being

How To Create An Image Based On Good Health And Well Being

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Home Page > Health > Supplements & Vitamins > How To Create An Image Based On Good Health And Well Being

How To Create An Image Based On Good Health And Well Being

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Posted: Feb 24, 2010 |Comments: 0




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How To Create An Image Based On Good Health And Well Being

By: Patrick McMurray

About the Author

Welcome to the home of finely crafted designer ties and cufflinks handmade from fine Italian and English silks.

(ArticlesBase SC #1900855)

Article Source: – How To Create An Image Based On Good Health And Well Being

Health and well being is the foundation for image control. If you look good and feel good you will project and radiate a positive attitudes, positive vibes. Your associates and the people you deal with in business or personally will immediately identify with the positive energy you project. Remember you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

It all complies with the governing laws of attraction, positive attracts positive.

Once you feel and look good, it’s just a matter of adding decoration.

The best way to get on the road to feeling and looking good is applying a accredited proven nutritional cleansing process, it is similar to detoxifying, but does not deplete your energy. The best on the market is Isagenix.

The Proven Story

Nutritional Cleansing increases the health benefits you’ll receive from the ancient health practice of cleansing. The herbs, vitamins and minerals that aid cleansing do two things:

Accelerate the removal of impurities from the body.

Nourish the body with vital nutrients to rapidly revive health.

A cleansed and revitalized body is stronger; resists illness better, is more efficient and performs at a higher level than one that is filled with impurities. Many people notice an ability to reach and maintain their ideal weight.

Cleanse, Replenish and Revitalize is the founding principle behind these cutting-edge products. Cleansing helps keep the body healthy and is the missing link to supporting health and successful, long-term weight loss. Replenishing the body with nutrients helps to revitalize the body’s systems, leading to vibrant good health.

Cleansing and Fat Burning System: 30-Day Supply includes revolutionary products that have helped hundreds of thousands with reaching their health and weight-loss goals.

The Right Impression

So if you want to make the right first impression and a long lasting impression then start with taking care of yourself, then add some tasteful decoration, a stylish silk tie, one that makes a strong statement, indicating boldness and willingness to individualise, but at the same time one that fits in a conservative framework, but this must not be dull and colourless, especially if you’re going for that very important life changing career interview. Stand out from the crowd; this has to be a conscious decision before you set foot out the door. Get a second opinion, not from a man, from a woman, your girlfriend, wife, or sister, but definitely not from your mother, unless she is a style guru.

Men have often passed the comment “there is something so sexy about a women wearing a necktie”, and women have often passed the comment; “there is something very sexy about men in bow ties”. So why not wear ties.

There seems to be some kind of false trend in abandoning the tie, and men proudly pronounce “I don’t have to wear a tie anymore” “big deal” as if it is some kind of great achievement, what’s the problem? Don’t you want to appeal to the opposite sex, don’t you want to look attractive, and you’re giving up the epitome of male self expression.

There is a time and place for plebian behavior, best played out behind doors.

When in public grooming is important, you will be judged, it’s all part of creating an image, and once you have done so, it’s then a matter of maintaining the image.

The Tie Image

Silk ties are worn primarily as decoration, so a perfect knot and correct length all go toward concluding the overall look. What is the best knot? “The Full Windsor”, why? There is something about it that women find very sensual, don’t believe me? Try it and ask the question. This aside, it holds all day long and framed by a well constructed collar looks super smart. Finally, frame it with a lapel badge and pocket square, and, to complete the arm and leg extensions, a pair of cufflinks and well polished shoes.


The way to success and image control is through your own well being and good health; build your image on a solid foundation. It starts inside from good health and works outward to decoration, s holistic approach to creating an image, you are in control.

Retrieved from “”

(ArticlesBase SC #1900855)

Patrick McMurray
About the Author:

Welcome to the home of finely crafted designer ties and cufflinks handmade from fine Italian and English silks.


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Do you think I was being rude or insensitive to my friend?

Question by Oracion en Orlando: Do you think I was being rude or insensitive to my friend?
I am a nice person in general, and joke around a lot. My friend was offended by some of my joking. I feel bad, but I don’t think she should have taken it so hard.

We are employees for a college housing complex. We are both RAs. This month we all had to submit articles for the newsletter. Two articles did not end up in the newsletter, hers and somebody else’s. This is not because they are bad or anything, there was just not enough room in the newsletter to put in everyone’s article, or so says my manager.

My friend was all upset, and I was playfully joking, like “HAHA my article got front page, and your healthy eating article did not make it. I guess people just don’t want to eat healthfully.

She said, “I think that is kind of rude. I don’t like that kind of joking.” We are both in college for crying out loud, and she is 25.

I know you should wait until somebody laughs with you, but aren’t there times when the other person should be laughing and they aren’t just cause they have no sense of humor?

Best answer:

Answer by hello
I think it was pretty insensitive. It wasn’t funny to me and she is right , she is right you are adults, I think you need to grow up a little bit.

What do you think? Answer below!

Healthy Mind Healthy Body – Boost Your Overall Well Being! Get Rid Of Your Bad Habits, Detox, Enjoy Exercise, Use More Herbs, Eat Healthy & More! Mission-Surf

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Your health and weight is decided by your eating habits. Your social habits bear upon your relationship with others. Your sleeping habit dictates how well you rest. Your working habits bear upon your success. The way you accomplish things, and the things you daily are all related to your habits – like the beginning thing you do the moment you wake up ; which hand holds the tooth brush, and how you hold and use tooth paste are all habits you’ve developed.

Many people have never heard of this and have no idea how to go about figuring out where they are or how to change it.

Is this true for you? Then please continue on as you need to discover the secrets that increase your overall wellbeing!

The truth is:

If You Want To Improve Your Overall Life…You Need To Have A Look At Healthy Mind Healthy Body!

You know why most people have a tendency to not achieve the success they desire in their business and overall life? It’s because they don’t know why is there such great power in favorable habits to bring about change in our life. It’s because by their very nature, habits are machinelike. After a time period they may become permanent. A habit becomes a voluntary process and in turn develops into an assumed behavior pattern that becomes part of you.

Which brings us to a very important aspect I must talk about here:

You Can Have Better Success In Business And Life If You Discover Healthy Mind Healthy Body!

People who struggle in business and life will find these things in common:

They don’t know how to get rid of bad habits.

They have no idea how to eat healthy.

They are struggling with the idea of detox.

They also don’t understand how to use herbs.

Many more problems untold…

Well don’t worry…

With the strategies that I’m about to let you in on , you will have no problems when it comes to learning the truth gaining a healthy mind and body!


“Healthy Mind Healthy Body”

Ways To Boost Your Overall Well Being!

In this book, you will learn all about:

Get Rid Of Your Bad Habits

Eating Healthy


Use More Herbs

Use Natural Cleaning Products

Enjoy Exercise

Much MORE!

Make Full Use Of This Knowledge And Get A Real Look At Healthy Mind Healthy Body!

Let’s face it…If you’ve been stripping yourself of “you” time and taking care of your health, you should alter that, beginning right now. You may think you can’t squeeze in any more extra time for anything, not to mention time to do something just for you. But you’re incorrect. You’ll be able to find time if you would like to. Now, what should you do? Take care of your health.

That is why is it very important for you to realize the value of what I’m offering.

Remember that if you fail to take action today, things will not get better… So make sure you take action and get a copy of this book right away!

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I need a motto for healthy living and being drug free?

Question by godslilgurl3: I need a motto for healthy living and being drug free?
At my school, we’re planing on having a family night for kids, but we need a motto and I can’t think of one. I need one that deals with healthy living but then has to do with drugs too. Our group is about saying no to drugs, but this years theme is healthy living. So if you can think of one it would be greatly apprieciated. It also needs to be appropriate for the kids and for them to understand it.

Best answer:

Answer by urydice

Give your answer to this question below!

Food stamps not being used for healthy food

Food stamps not being used for healthy food
Nearly 10-percent of the people who go grocery shopping in Arkansas pay with an EBT card, otherwise known as food stamps. But some people aren’t using the money to buy…
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Food stamps not being used for healthy food
Nearly 10-percent of the people who go grocery shopping in Arkansas pay with an EBT card, otherwise known as food stamps. The government provides 31-year-old Viola Freeman of Little Rock $ 153 a month to buy food for herself and her 10-year-old son Jermaine.
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