How can I stop myslef from getting sick a day before I go to the beach?

Question by :)): How can I stop myslef from getting sick a day before I go to the beach?
How to stop from getting sick. And tomorrow I’m going to the beach! How can I be germ free by tomorrow afternoon?
Please some health tips! You’ll get 10 points if I like your answer!

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Answer by Mikala D
wash ur hands like every hour …
get lots of sleep and take medican and vitamin supp.

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How do I get a six pack? I want answers from people who never had it before and was able to work to get one..?

Question by David: How do I get a six pack? I want answers from people who never had it before and was able to work to get one..?
Any suggestions? What’s the best advice to getting a six pack? Diet tips and Fitness tips a PLUS!

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Answer by CW
Alright man, many things factor into obtaining a six-pack. The fact is though, you already have a six-pack (everyone does). It’s just covered by fat (either a thin layer, or a huge stack).

So, the first important aspect is diet. You MUST eat right to obtain the best results. No more greasy, fast food shit. You need alot of whole grain foods (wheat, cereals, oats, ect.), next you will need to eat more vegetables and fruits, and of course good quality protein (chicken, nuts, fish, hell even a protein shake), and NO SODAS whatsoever… water, water, and more water. Try to eat 6 small meals a day (this will boost your metabolism and help you loose that layer of fat over your abs)

Next, Fitness. You will need to do alot of cardio exercise to help you loose some weight around the waist. Run, treadmill, stair climber, ect. Along with that you will need good core workouts (body planks, sit ups, push ups, and crunches. Remember sit ups alone won’t get you anywhere. You have to do alot more workouts than just sit ups.

Keep up with the exercise routine and diet, and please be patient. Results won’t happen over night.

Best of luck! 🙂

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