How I Became Jamie Eason’s Cart Boy —

To read more about this adventure go to The film crew is on hand for a special trip to the grocery store, where Jamie’s extensive experience with nutrition and natural foods is put to the test as she analyzes nutritional content, scrutinizes food labels, and offers tips for healthy alternatives. How I Became Jamie Eason’s Cart Boy–And The 10 Lessons I Learned Okay, so guess who went on a grocery-shopping extravaganza (I’m calling it a date) with Jamie Eason? Me! I’m not sure why I was chosen to do this, and I think she was a little surprised as well, but as I waited for her in the hotel lobby I started wondering what Jamie Eason might be like. Would it turn out that her real name was actually Demanda? Or was she just a total fake who didn’t know the difference between a candy bar and a protein shake? This was a truly odd “date”–the world’s fittest model going shopping with the world’s most immature nerd.
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Dinner Parties Made Simple: Learn how a single guy became the Host With the Most

Dinner Parties Made Simple: Learn how a single guy became the Host With the Most

Tired of Deli Delights? Have Your Golden Arches Fallen?

We can’t promise that you will become another Emeril Lagasse overnight. But you can learn how to host a successful dinner party and impress your friends or that “special someone.”

Dinner Parties Made Simple covers it all, and makes it easy for you to host successful dinner parties. You will learn all you need to know to quickly host your first party.

This Guide covers everything from meal planning to that last cup of coffee. And you’ll do it by following the authors simple plan for throwing a successful party.

You will quickly learn:

Why WHO is coming to dinner will determine what to serve / Why 6 to 8 guests is the recommended beginner party /
Setting the table. . .yes, there is a system / How to plan your menu / Prepare your shopping list / Appetizers, main dishes, side dishes. . .oh my / Timing. . .and why it is important / And Much Much More.

This guide covers all this and much, much more. You will even find sample templates you can use to prepare your guest list, menu and shopping.

If you are beginning to feel like you need to rent a room to the pizza delivery guy, it’s definitely time to take control!

Of course, the greatest benefit of all is impressing your friends, family or that “special someone.” You CAN learn to host a successful dinner party.

P.S. Dinner Parties Made Simple also includes a basic overview of wine selection. Hmm, with everything covered from menu planning to wine selection, what are you waiting for. . .? Grab your copy today and plan your first party this week!

List Price: $ 9.99