6-52 units battle it out

6-52 units battle it out
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6-52 units battle it out

By Capt. Jeremy Tennent
6th Battalion, 52nd ADA

suwon air base — The six batteries of the 6th Battalion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery competed against each other in a friendly rivalry to determine which unit would be crowned the best.

The battalion staff evaluated each battery in nine areas, with a point system that was defined ahead of time. The winners were announced during a battalion meeting in the Suwon Theater. As the Battalion Executive Officer, Maj. Cecilia Shaw, read off the winners for each category, the Soldiers of the winning unit cheered and waved their guidons.

Battalion Commander Lt. Col. William Darne, and Command Sgt. Maj. Timothy Hockenberry tied a streamer to the guidons of the winning battery for each category.

“The Best Unit Competition was established to instill pride in unit and the will to be the very best at what we do. Every quarter, we identify the best in each area as well as the best overall unit and recognize them with streamers they can proudly display on their guidons,” said Darne, following the ceremony.

F Company, the longstanding winner of the Supply Excellence award for Eighth Army, won the Best Supply Room streamer and also nudged out A Battery to win the Administrative Excellence streamer.

D Battery won Best Training Room, thanks in a large part to the efforts of Spc. Michelle Nixon. “She really stepped up into the Orderly Room NCO slot and took an energetic lead, getting the Battalion S1 down here to help. It showed great initiative on the part of this young Soldier,” said D Battery 1st Sgt. Albert Guiendon.

Headquarters Battery secured the streamer in the highly competitive Army Physical Fitness Test category. HHB 1st Sgt. Earnest Dade said, “It is due to a large part to some high performing Soldiers that the battery average was so high.”
B Battery took Best Communications streamer. 1st Sgt. Thurman Booth gave the credit to Sgt. William Bacallao. He showed great attention to detail. “It’s all about personal pride,” Booth said.

The highly prestigious streamer for best Engagement Control Station crew was won by A Battery, which also had a crew take the runner-up position.

C Battery won three categories, including the Best CBRN Room, Best Physical Security, and the Best Maintenance. Capt. Carl King and 1st Sgt. Dennis Petty accepted the streamers.

Petty gave credit to all of his Soldiers, but especially singled out three: Staff Sgt. Michael Mulalley, the Battery motor sergeant, Spc. Fidele Bauhy from the Nuclear Biological and Chemical room, and Pfc. James Cross, the battery armorer.

“Mulalley, as soon as he came in, he was implementing new ideas and making things happen,” Petty said. “And Bauhy has been a Pfc. running a CBRN room all by himself. Cross took on the role of physical security because it tied into his job as the armorer.”

C Battery continued on a roll by winning Best Unit. Petty added, “I just want to acknowledge that my unit has great Soldiers, NCO’s and officers all willing to go the extra mile to make things happen.”

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Battle of the bulge.(Editorials)(Parents need help to teach healthy eating habits)(Editorial): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)

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