Is McDonalds really giving away a Free Chicken Sandwich today if you buy a Coke?

Question by *me*: Is McDonalds really giving away a Free Chicken Sandwich today if you buy a Coke?
Because if this is true, I am going there, I have 4 mouths to feed. And yes I usually don’t take my kids to resturants, I cook healthy meals because I am home all the time, just look at my avatar name. But I won’t pass up free food.

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Answer by dollypartonfan
Yes they are!

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My Wife and Kids – S02E01 – Mom’s Away (1)

No violation of copyright intended. While Jay is away taking care of her mother who broke her leg, Michael is left in charge of the house and the kids. They all miss their mother, and nothing Michael does seems to be as good how Jay did. Jr. wants to join the basketball team. Michael doubts he’ll make it, but when he does Michael has other problems to worry about: Jr.’s friends, who seem to be using him. Meanwhile, Kady is cranky and not even Michael’s efforts to make cookies just like her mother’s are working. Trying to get a smile from her, he starts to tell her how she was born. Claire’s friend Charmaine (Raven Symoné) is spending the night over. But the two have bigger worries when a pregnancy test comes out positive.

“Be as a bird perched on a frail branch that she feels bending beneath her, still she sings away all the same, knowing she has wings”~

“Be as a bird perched on a frail branch that she feels bending beneath her, still she sings away all the same, knowing she has wings”~
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Image by turtlemom4bacon
~ Victor Hugo (French romantic Poet, Novelist and Dramatist, 1802-1885) ~

~ Saw this pretty bird with the bright blue feathers on its head inside Lorikeets Landing at the Lowry Zoo, Tampa ~


** Special thanks to Peggy Collins and John D. Willis for the correct name of this bird which is the " Great Blue Turaco" **

Great Blue Turaco ~


The Great Blue Turaco (Corythaeola cristata) is a turaco, a group of African near-passerines. It is not only the largest turaco but the largest species in the diverse Cuculiformes order (which includes the cuckoos). Generally, the Great Blue Turaco is 70–76 cm (28–30 in) in length with a mass of 800–1,231 g (1.8–2.71 lb). In the Bandundu province of the DR Congo, the Great Blue Turaco is actively hunted for meat and feathers. The blue and yellow tail feathers are prized for making good luck talismans. In the area of Bandundu around the city of Kikwit, it is called "Kolonvo".

The Great Blue Turaco (Corytheola cristata) has to be one of the more challenging species. Whilst these stunning birds provide hours of entertainment with their boisterous and ungainly nature they can prove to be a bit of a handful. Aggression can be sporadic and spontaneous and can disappear just as quickly, yet some individuals can be incredibly shy.

Housing this species was a matter of personal preference. They adapt well and thrive in both heated glass aviaries or outside flights in sub-zero temperatures. The species is a frugivore but are also very happy to consume leafy material. This can be supplied in various forms with lettuce being of particular interest. The diet itself heavily depends upon the resources available. Most fruits are accepted, the softer and more juicy fruits being preferred, cucumber should also be added to this list of fruit. The diet as with most softbill species should be enhanced with a vitamin/mineral supplement and the provision of a fruit-based softbill mix.

Perching, as with most turaco species is paramount and the provision of strong and securely hung perching is necessary. The Blue Turaco is a great fan of ‘crashing around’ which can be misconstrued as being quite deliberate, especially during an early weekend morning! Fortunately the species isn’t destructive so aviaries can be well planted. Certain species of fruit bearing tree can be targeted for green forage so to plant expensive tropical fruit trees in the aviary may be a mistake. Otherwise the species rarely comes to ground and shows little destructive quality for the majority of aviary plants. Some damage in the form of leaf shredding may be seen on plants such as the banana, but in this case the plant shows no ill effects caused by the damage.

The blues are short-range strong fliers and will readily use the space afforded them. As mentioned secure perching is required in all areas of the aviary and if given the option the birds will bounce across an aviary rather than fly despite their agility in the air.

I need ideas for healthy food to pack when my daughter goes to away games?

Question by ♥ severelynormal: I need ideas for healthy food to pack when my daughter goes to away games?
She leaves at 7am and when there is an away game does not get back until 8pm-9:30pm. She says sandwiches, even pb&j, go bad. The schools she has visited so far do not offer anything substantial other than nachos-which her coach deems unhealthy and makes them do drills. We do the granola bars, fruit, trail mix but it is not much for such a long period of time. Any suggestions or packiing tricks would be greatly appreciated! I am putting it in this category hoping to hear from experienced parents!

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Answer by sportyh4509
I am just like your daughter! I normally grab fruit or something, but I keep it in a safe place where I know it won’t get smashed. You could try to pack the pb&j sandwiches like you said, but instead of a plastic or brown paper bag try to put it in something more secure and will keep not only the freshness but the flavor as well. umm.. you could maybe just go with peanut butter.. or just get a small jar of peanut butter and give her the bread and a plastic knife and then she could just make it herself. Just an idea thrown out there. I can’t think of anything else right now because I normally have fruit. But my school also has nearby restraunts within walking distance and we normally have time to go up and grab something before we leave for an away game. Or another thing is.. but with the price of gas i doubt you would want to do this.. but you could go and drop off something she could eat.

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Cancer Patients Celebrate Holiday Away From Home

Cancer Patients Celebrate Holiday Away From Home
BIRMINGHAM , AL (WIAT)—If you and your family started your holiday meal by saying what you are thankful for, one thing you likely heard is “good health.” However, not everyone can say the same. In fact, some spent this Thanksgiving hours away from home, struggling to survive.   CBS 42’s Kim Carapucci shows us a place in Birmingham where they can find peace, as well as hope…. Click on the …
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Volunteers prepare hundreds of full-course Thanksgiving dinners – Fri, 26 Nov 2010 PST
Carl Perron hustled around the kitchen at Mid-City Concerns on Thanksgiving morning. He inventoried trays of turkey, checked the green bean casserole’s progress and kept Meals on Wheels dinners moving out the door. A few minutes later, he made an announcement to the first wave of seniors who’d gathered for a traditional holiday meal at the downtown senior center.
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Jacksonport: Polar Bears return to Lakeside Park for holidays
The popular lighted polar bears have returned to Lakeside Park for their annual holiday visit. Thanks to the Jacksonport Womens Club for their efforts to bring some holiday cheer to downtown Jacksonport.
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