What kinda food to eat after a workout?

Question by butterfli8134: What kinda food to eat after a workout?
What are some healthy foods to eat after working out?
I want to tone up more but not loose of weight. So what kinda snacks and meals should you eat and how much of it?

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Answer by nothing’s certain
Anything that is high in protein. After a workout your muscles will need all the protein they can get. This will help them regenerate, work harder, and build faster. Protein, protein, and more protein.

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Why did I start feeling faint and jittery after throwing up?

Question by yo: Why did I start feeling faint and jittery after throwing up?
I normally have healthy eating habits and I just eat like normal stuff.. but today I just bought a shitload of junk food. and within half an hour I got sick, and then vomited it all up.
About 10 minutes after vomiting, I started feeling jittery and shaky, and then felt like I was going to faint. Also my legs started getting sweaty…. what happened?? o.o
oh and im not bullemic i was just sick

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Answer by Aliee
I dont exactly know WHY you felt like this, but it’s normal. Your body just did something that took a lot of effort, so it’s gonna feel pretty weird/tired for a while. BUT, if this feeling lasts for a long time (days), or you starting throwing up again and again, you might want to look into going to a doctor 🙂

Hope you feel better very soon!! <3

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