What adoption related blogs or sites are you reading right now?

Question by Gershom: What adoption related blogs or sites are you reading right now?
I recently discovered ChildLaw and its REALLY GOOD.


Does anyone else have a favorite adoption related blog or site they want to share?
Hey thanks for some new links, some here I haven’t seen or heard of before so I’m stoked on that! Especially the China ones. I appreciate it thank you!

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Answer by spydermomma
I heart Childlaw.

Also the wonderful Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute:

Desiree and Usha’s Fleas Biting:

And for China, Brian Stuy’s blog, Research China:

And so many blogs from adult adoptees, it makes my head spin (and keeps me up till, ahem, almost 2am yet again), including many who post here (Possum, Amy, Jae-Ran, Harlow’s Monkey, Ethnically Incorrect Daughter, late lamented Twice the Rice, and many others). And some from adoptive parents also (Third Mom, Just enjoy him, Clueless in Carolina). And first moms’ also. I need to go to bed, or I would post highlights. Maybe I’ll come back tomorrow.

And can’t resist throwing in the related (for me at least) blogs on Race:


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What adoption blogs do you find worthwhile?

Question by I: What adoption blogs do you find worthwhile?
I have been reading some blogs by adoptees (7rin’s, Theresa’s) and some blogs by first moms (SLY’s is one.) I discovered these through links here on Answers. I’ve also been reading A Search for Survivors and John Raible’s blog since before we started foster parent training, when we were still considering whether or not adopting from foster care was something we could do, and these blogs popped up while I searched particular concerns we had. All of these I have found to be well-written and thought provoking.

I have found the blogs more edifying than the quick question and answer format here. And one of the blogs above had some links to blogs by adoptive parents which I’ve just discovered and begun exploring tonight. I haven’t been satisfied with some of the answers I got to questions that came up in foster parent training. I’m hoping to get a better understanding by reading some of these blogs.

Since asking my last question about OBC’s, I’m understanding lots more about the issues around sealed records and the fight to open them and end the practice of falsifying birth certificates, how this issue has been framed in a way that pits one group against another, etc. We have our kids OBC’s, so that particular issue doesn’t affect our family in the same way, but I’m still concerned about it the way I’m concerned about other social justice issues.

I know some of my questions and answers have offended some people. Sometimes I don’t realize what I’m getting into when I say something here, and then later when I understand more of the context I see how what I said might have sounded to other people. Sometimes I think I have been so careful to be absolutely clear and yet people seem to find meanings in what I wrote that I did not intend. And other times I maybe just don’t know what I’m talking about. But I am seriously trying to learn and don’t intend to offend.

So, are there additional blogs that you would recommend? And can anyone recommend a forum that might be a better place to ask questions than here? Some of my questions are pretty specific and I just don’t want to post many details on this forum which feels super public to me.


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Answer by LinnyG
I read a lot of the blogs listed here:

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