Bento #254: Low-carb, high-fat breakfast!

Bento #254: Low-carb, high-fat breakfast!
Low Fat Cooking
Image by goblinbox (queen of ad hoc bento)
…BECAUSE the following things ARE TRUE:

One: I’ve been on a diet for eight weeks and am fat-starved, and
Two: I’m currently reading Good Calories, Bad Calories (a treatise against refined carbs),

I HAVE DECIDED to try a low carb breakfast today! Fun!

When you remove carbs, you have to replace them with something to keep your calories up, and I chose fat. I cooked with butter and olive oil and used cheese! Yum!

The large compartment contains two eggs with half and half, mushrooms, onions, and cheddar, scrambled in butter. There’s a grilled tomato (I didn’t actually "grill" it, I fried it in olive oil) and a veggie sausage pattie (yeah, I’m a vegetarian, so no meaty paleo diet for me!) in the side compartments.

While I’ve seen plenty of pictures of British breakfasts complete with a grilled tomato, I’ve never actually had a grilled tomato with breakfast before. IT’S DELICIOUS. Oh mah gah, it is amazing what a lovely grilled tomato does to the whole egg-eating experience!

Half of the carbs come from the fresh vegetables and are fine; the other half, though, come from that delicious little lab-built sausage substitute (Lord only knows what’s in those things) and are probably the very embodiment of eeeevil ‘refined carb’-hood. No white flour or sugar to be found, though, so that’s good, right?

392 calories – 8g carbs – 28g fat – 26g protein