Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe Secrets, Healthy Cooking by Celina the Food Smarty

Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe Secrets, Healthy Cooking by Celina the Food Smarty In this video Celina shows you how to cook and prepare stuffed mushrooms. This easy recipe is perfect for parties, hors d’oevres and much more. Celina uses a local goat’s milk feta cheese, crimini mushrooms, and fresh basil from her garden. Like most of Celina’s cooking, this recipe is gluten-free. It’s not only a smart way to cook but because of the nutrition and health benefits it’s smart food. Celina’s magic in the kitchen always is always delightful, and she always shares her wisdom and secrets to healthy, super easy cooking. Recipe: – Remove inside of mushroom caps and place on a cooking sheet covered with coconut oil – Line the inside of the mushroom caps with fresh basil leaves – Place feta cheese and sliced tomatoes (optional) inside the mushroom – Cook at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes (or until they are nice and juicy!) – Add a taste of Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Oil (recipe in an upcoming video) Foodsmarty Celina Jean, has a passion for very healthy food. In her youth, Celina learned to appreciate ingredients not only for their delicious taste, but their healing properties as well. She combines a unique medical science background, a lifetime of nutrition and her deep love of cooking to create healthy, unique and thoroughly scrumptious cookies, pastries and pies. Her goal is to share her passion for foods that nurture and heal the body with as many people as possible. Visit Celina’s Food
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