Soy Sesame Stir Fry

Soy Sesame Stir Fry
Low Fat Cooking
Image by nc_hiker
Thanks to this site, I’ve finally learned how to make a good stir fry.

This dish uses the Soy Sesame sauce on that page. Tofu, carrots, mushroom, and onions are the additions.

I cut way down on the oil called for, only using the two teaspoons of toasted sesame oil in the sauce itself. But I use a non-stick pan to brown the tofu and cook the other veggies in, completely eliminating the 3 Tbsp. of oil the recipe calls for during browning and cooking (using instead a little broth to steam-stir in).

And, instead of the 1 tsp. of red pepper flakes, I use 1 tsp. red curry paste.

See next photo for serving presentation on a bed of rice.

Gluten free. Low Fat. Super tasty!!