Process Safety Management – CalARP (1 of 2)

There are many similarities between the CalOSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) Program and CalARP Programs. But with the similarities also comes the differences. This class will outline the programs to compare and contrast the two. This is Part I of II. Clyde Trombettas is the District Manager for Cal/OSHAs Process Safety Management Statewide Unit. Clyde has worked for Cal/OSHA for over 10 years and has developed a strong understanding of the California occupational safety and health program and State and Federal organizational responsibilities for occupational safety and health. Clyde has worked with many industries and businesses providing information through seminars and training sessions about the California occupational safety and health program and the differences between State and Federal responsibilities. Clyde has provided occupational safety and health guidance to State agencies such as: the Office of Emergency Services, Department of Health Services, Division of Oil and Gas, and many county agencies throughout California and Federal agencies such as: Federal/OSHA and the Chemical Safety Board.
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