Penney’s Pops Poison Pill

Penney’s Pops Poison Pill
J.C. Penney adopts shareholder rights plan in light of Ackman and others taking big stakes.
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Time to Dust Off That Breach Disclosure Plan
As we should probably realize by now, not all tasks are created equal — especially when it comes to making mistakes. For most of the things we do — from brushing our teeth to typing an email — making a mistake is usually relatively innocuous. Sure, we might have to clean a bit of the toothpaste off the sink or retype a word or two, but the world doesn’t blow up.

Citing Health Care Law, Boeing Pares Employee Plan
The big aircraft maker Boeing Co. says “cost pressures” from the new health care law are part of the reason it’s asking employees to pay more for their medical benefits next year.
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