One week of extreme school and stress and studies. What would you do to prepare?

Question by Jazilliania B: One week of extreme school and stress and studies. What would you do to prepare?
So I’ll be having a huge, crazy, stressful week in which my entire degree rests upon.

What would you do:
1. In preparation
2. During the week

I’m trying different natural/alternative health methods to improve and maintain my health so I have maximum effectiveness during this week.

Any herbs, foods, supplements, etc., etc., that might help me better survive?

Any other non-health tips would be helpful, too.

Best answer:

Answer by Cassandra Goth
Ugh.. I have final exams next week.. Here are some good ideas:
In preparation:
1. Find a quiet, well lighted place to study where nobody will bother you.
2. Play some soft background music that will calm you
3. Have no other distractions (keep your cell phone and TV away from you)
4. Eat four well-balanced meals a day and drink plenty of water.
5. Buy an exercise ball and video
6. Do pilates or yoga.
7. Meditate just by clearing your mind
8. Take a 15 minute break every 30 minutes when you’re studying to unwind and relax
9. Have plenty of Advil
10. Never drink energy drinks, they can cause you to crash
11. Make sure you get plenty of sleep. Buy yourself some earplugs and a sleeping mask and sleep for at least 8 hours a night.
12. If you have any friends who are in the same class, make a study group and study together. Its way better than studying alone!
During the week:
1. Read over your notes right before the exams or whatever you have to do. That way, you will remember the most.
2. Don’t over-study

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