Mom's Had A Rough Day: A Collection of Humorous Essays

Popular blogger and newly-published first-time humor author Julie R. Harrison writes a 240-page book of hilarious essays based on her life as a mom. With her quirky, edgy writing style, and uncanny ability to see the humor in the mundane, she is the David Sedaris or Laurie Notaro of the mommy set. With her debut compilation of essays, Ms. Harrison invites you into her delusional Virgo mommy universe, where she explores her love affair with Target, her insecurities at the local pool where the Cool Mommies thrive, and her misguided attempts to expose her children to high culture. She writes about the nitty-gritty of parenthood in a style full of self-deprecating humor and charm. Most of the essays are just a few pages long and pack a wallop of wit, making it the perfect book to take your mind off the carpool lane, the doctor’s office, or the 88th soccer practice of the season. This book is for anyone who is a mother, has a mother, or has had one “mother” of a day. Perfect for everyone on your gift list, and especially for yourself!

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