Minecraft Dad – Ep. 17 – Introducing… Minecraft Mom! (applause!)

Follow my family on wild adventures, grand tours, and chaotic battles on our Minecraft multiplayer survival server. Think “Swiss Family Robinson” in Minecraft! Best viewed at 720p Full Screen! In this episode, Dad and Jumbo are joined by a very special person with flowers in her hair: MinecraftMom! She’s never played a video game before so this episode is not just an introduction to Minecraft and our server, but also basic game-play mechanics like “WASD” and “Mouselook”. Oh boy, this is going to be on-going project… In fact, this is only Part 1 of a 60 minute session! Also, I think I’ve figured out Camtasia and the aspect ratio thing! This one looks great! My Channel: www.youtube.com My blog: paulsoaresjr.com My Twitter twitter.com My FAQ: www.youtube.com

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