Laura London’s Lower Body Workout & Fat Blasting Workout Get your GYM BOSS TIMER HERE Work your lower body, tone the booty and sweat like a mother, that is a mother of fitness!! We will lunge, squat, shoot hoops and even stretch like an aborigine. To get the body you were meant to have. Plus you know we will have a lot of fun. 7 Circuits do them one time, two or three times, just make sure you DO THEM!! Hey everyone! I am a Master Certified Fusion Trainer. What is FUSION? Fusion is an exercie method combining 30 second cardio blasts with 30 second strength training moves. Fusion will kick your trash, get your heart pumping like never before while at the same time burning fat like a mother. This is one of the best forms of exercise I know. Try Fusion for a week and watch your body start to become TNT, Tight and Tiny. We all need to exercise and the beauty of Fusion is that you can get it in and get it done in 45 or less. You can do it at home, in the park, your hotel room or at the gym. People are going to be asking you what you are doing, just tell them it’s FUSION! http

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