Kiss Your Fat Goodbye

America is facing an obesity crisis. With over 131 million Americans overweight, the problem has never been worse. We are a nation that is gorging itself on fast foods, sodas, refined sugars, fats, food additives, artificial sweeteners, hormone-laden dairy, fatty meats laced with antibiotics, and starchy, empty carbs. Is it any wonder that the common American diet has made us an obese nation? Yet, according to many of the experts in this program, the consequences to our health may be nothing less than fatal. More than ever, medical science is establishing that a large waistline is a recipe for heart disease, cancer, stroke, and a shortened lifespan. Some have tried to lose weight through diets such as Atkins and South Beach. But are these diets, which encourage consumption of fats and animal proteins, good for our health? Are they effective at maintaining in ideal weight over a lifetime? In Kiss Your Fat Goodbye, health and nutrition expert Gary Null, Ph.D., explores the epidemic of obesity in America, why fad diets are unhealthy and not working, and how to implement workable, common sense solutions to America’s weight problem. According to Null, the answer is not unhealthy fad diets, but making a commitment to an overall healthy lifestyle. This “lifestyle” approach includes practicing good nutrition, daily exercise, stress reduction, and the elimination of cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, red meat, wheat, dairy, animal fats, non-organic foods, and household
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