Hypothyroidism Diet Tips & Tricks for Women – Fix Your Thyroid & Lose Weight Fast

Hypothyroidism Diet Tips & Tricks for Women – Fix Your Thyroid & Lose Weight Fast

If you are interested in a hypothyroidism diet that can help you lose weight and feel like a teenager again in as little as 1-2 months, then this new book by Jen Jolan (America’s #1 weight loss queen) will show you how.

This book is short, and to the point.

There is no filler.

And no needless “fluff” just to fill up pages.

In fact, you can read this book in one sitting.

And just by making a few simple changes with her unique hypothyroidism diet, you can gain more energy, lose more fat, and eliminate the usual under active thyroid symptoms in women (feeling cold all the time, fatigue, dry brittle nails, hair loss, depression, aches & pains, etc) you may be feeling now.

Here are some of the secrets found inside:

  • A secret way of using your TV to quickly improve your thyroid function.
  • How to “tap” your thyroid problems away. (Just tap your neck in this special way a few minutes each day and you will automatically stimulate your under-active thyroid.)
  • Why you could be hurting your thyroid each time you brush your teeth!
  • A little-known way to use the stairs in your house to stimulate a sluggish thyroid. (Almost nobody talks about this, not even most doctors, but it works like crazy!)
  • How your kitchen faucet can damage your thyroid.
  • A special kind of nut that has a long history of quickly and naturally getting rid of thyroid problems.
  • Can eating more salt help eliminate under active thyroid symptoms in women? (The answer may surprise you…)
  • The one nutrient you’ll find in every thyroid diet that works.
  • How to use natural sunlight to correct thyroid problems. (Just go out in the sun for this exact amount of minutes each day and watch what happens!)
  • A cheap supplement that not only can normalize your thyroid, but also relieve depression and improve your memory and stress resistance.
  • The best time to go to bed for your thyroid health in the summer.
  • The best time to go to bed for your thyroid health in the winter.
  • The exact number of times to eat each day for a healthy thyroid. (Even the best hypothyroidism diet in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t know this!)
  • A weird (but scientifically proven) way to fix your thyroid levels by spinning around in a circle like a child. (This method is strange, but it’s proven to normalize your thyroid and other hormone levels.)
  • And much, much more.

What is the “bottom line?”

This short, info-packed book contains all kinds of ways to naturally and quickly correct your hypothyroidism and lose weight fast.

Start reading today and feel better as quickly as tomorrow!

(NOTE: As a special bonus for getting this book today, you can also receive Jennifer Jolan’s best-selling book How to Lose Weight Spinning in a Circle Like Kids. 90,000 people have already read it and it sells for .95 on Amazon, but you can get it FREE with the purchase of this book today…)

List Price: $ 2.99

Price: $ 2.99

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