How use Biking for Health & FAST Weight Loss 4 Women & Men Biking is a fantastic way to have fun, get great aerobic exercise, and lose weight. However, before you even think about biking, get the okay from your doctor. Once you have the medical clearance — and before you buy or jump on your current bike — make a plan to start biking gradually. It depends on your final goals, but start with short bike rides around your neighborhood or local bike paths — generally 2-3 miles at first, gradually adding a few miles at a time. And regardless of the temperature or other weather conditions, ALWAYS pack enough water — and carry money with you to purchase more water along the way if you need it. You do not need to buy an expensive bicycle, but what you DO need to do is buy a bike that fits you. Wal-Mart and Target, both have decent bikes. Having a bike that fits your body is essential to enjoying biking — and to avoiding straining yourself. Besides the bicycle, you also should invest in a quality helmet. I’ve been through a few, but what important here is fit and comfort. Most states do not require adults to wear helmets, but one could save your life, so spend the additional money and wear it whenever you’re on the road. Just came back from a bike ride and one thing I tell everyone many sure that you have a helmet on, I like to use these cushioned gloves to avoid carpal tunnel and biking is a great way because you are using the big thigh muscle that I talked about in building up muscle matter that will burn calories and
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