How to Make a Healthy Protein Shake How to Make a raw foods, healthy protein shake without crappy body building supplements, artificial sweeteners or ingredients you cannot pronounce. Ingredients 1-1.5 cup Water or Raw Milk 1 tbs Almond Butter 1 tsp Tahini 1 banana 2 dates 1 fig dash or two of Cinnamon tiny pinch Celtic Sea Salt Protein – your choice, raw egg yolks or the least refined protein powder (raw whey, rice protein, Living Fuel, etc) Only blend raw eggs for 2 – 3 seconds This is an energy dense & nutrient rich shake Tweak – you can tweak it by adding or subtracting ingredients or the amount of ingredients (for example, less almond butter, less fruit for smaller women – more protein for bigger guys – whatever works best for YOU) You can use ice if you like more recipes..come check it out!
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