How do you get a job coupon on Neopets?

Question by Mumbadapenguin: How do you get a job coupon on Neopets?
I really want to get a job, and when I go to the jobs that dont require a coupon they never have any! I really want to get some money because i’m tired of playing games that only give you like 60 NP when you scored like 1,000 points. Are there any games that give you a lot of cha_ching? Where do you get the job coupons?

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Answer by Victoria
You can get job coupons from the trading post, auctions, user shops, and a lucky spin on the Wheel of Knowledge (rare). I do NOT suggest getting a job coupon, because you’ll end up spending more to buy it then you’ll get from doing jobs with it. I do suggest doing just the regular jobs. They restock at ##:#9:50NST. So for example, they’re restock at: 10:39:50 and again at 10:49:50, etc. Just gotta be quick to get ’em! As for earning NP, restocking is great once you get the hang of it, but here is a great guide for earning NP

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