How Can You Choose Your Best Blogs Brand

How Can You Choose Your Best Blogs Brand

Personal blogs can be more random if it is simply sharing what you are doing with friends and family. But a blog for business, one you hope will make money, a blog that presents you as an expert or one to drive traffic to a website needs to have a marketing goal or purpose.

Generic will kill you. Trying to post a blog about being a stay at home mom might find fierce competition. Trying to post one about how a stay at home mom can run an internet business might be more specific. But don’t not go posting a blog until you have taken a look around. You do not want to be number one million trying to climb to the top of the heap.

Can your Blog be too niche?

Yes it can. If your blog is only about bunions, it could get boring fast. While the hot phrase is niche you do not want to make it so specific that you run out of ideas in two weeks. There is a good chance you will run out of bunion material.

However, you could instead have a blog about foot problems and this would open up all sorts of titillating subjects of interest like plantar fasciitis or narrow feet, high arches or flat feet. Now we are talking. We can go into orthotics, shoes, wrapping devices and even socks! I could go on as the excitement is never ending.

So Niche does not have to mean singular subject.

That is not to say that drivel would not be a viable blog. It would be. In that case, the audience wants to be entertained on various subjects on any given day. They are looking for random of comedic posts and nutty articles.

When it comes to your Blog, think Relationship Marketing.

A blog is more personal. This, in a place as impersonal as the web, is a big advantage. So it is an opportunity to be professional and give potential clients, customers, visitors a chance to get to know you on a more personal level as well. It is relationship marketing similar to the email marketing.

Your blog should also be about a passion or something about which you are an expert. You share information and expertise on this platform and it needs to be changed and updated.

Do not let your Blog Go down with the Sinking Ship called Mediocrity.

Please do not do a Boring Blog because that is internet litter. Usually people land on your blog because of a keyword. So you have to have something there that captures attention and makes them want to stay and even return. Welcome to my blog is not going to capture attention. If you have a boring blog that is not informative, you will find out soon enough because no one will come or stay either to come back to play.

Define your target audience. Who are they? Really define your market. Defining your target market is the part that will most directly affect your bank account so this step is vital. You have to speak to them so you have to define what is important to them so you can provide the solution or answer.
Write down your marketing objective (a.k.a. your goals) For example: I want the blog to position me as an expert in foot problems.


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