How can I eat healthy when my family eats so unhealthy (want recipes)?

Question by ℬℓỉѕѕƒυℓdяεąmsღ: How can I eat healthy when my family eats so unhealthy (want recipes)?
I’m concerned about my health. I want to eat healthier but my family brings home too much junk food for my 3 siblings. I do have willpower but I never have anything else to eat for dinner or when I get hungry, so I turn to the unhealthy food. I do have fruits and vegetables but I don’t like eating them by itself. Any tips on how to eat healthy? Also anyone know any recipes with healthy food that taste good? (I like avocados.)

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Answer by Emma
I’m impressed! Good for you in desiring/seeking a healthy alternative..

One of the simplest remedies, for when you are depending on someone else to provide the ingredients for your meals, is a ‘chef salad’ of sorts:

1) put lettuce in a bowl (spring greens are awesome and can be purchased pre-packaged; romaine lasts a long time..simply moisten a paper towel or two, squeeze dry and wrap the lettuce with it, then place in a plastic bag in the fridge)

2) pile on cooked shredded/chopped meat of any sort you have in the fridge

3) chopped hard boiled eggs

4) cooked pasta or rice

5) any fresh or canned vegies you like

6) sprinkle with shredded or diced cheese of your choice (including parmesan/romano/asiago types)

7) add your favorite dressing or salt/pepper/oil/vinegar & croutons or crumbled crackers or bacon or toasted sunflower seeds

Mix or match or add additional ingredients to your liking.

This quick meal includes fiber, protein, carbohydrates, etc and can be quite filling and healthy…

edited to add: perhaps you could add to the family grocery list so that you have some of these ingredients on hand?

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