How can I convince my mom that blogging is a good income idea?

Question by Steven M: How can I convince my mom that blogging is a good income idea?
I love to write and I love to create new content on blogs. Blogging is becoming a big part of the internet and it’s time that I jump in there and get in on this. I love gaming, and I plan on basing my niche on that I know it takes a while for a blog to finally start earning at least a little bit of revenue, but that’s something that I don’t mind. My mom, however, sees differently. She thinks that you have to work in a store to get money, and that’s it. Nothing I tell her works, and with me being fresh out of high school, I’m not sure what to do. My plan is to start this now, just in case something fails, I won’t lose anything. However, I don’t plan on that happening. How can I convince my mother that me sitting at the computer for hours on end is actually a good idea, and not hurting me? It’s kind of hard to concentrate when your mom is shoving job applications down your throat. And I would have moved out a long time ago, but I’m broke. =/

Please, serious answers only. No bull.

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Answer by loki
Blogging is fun….but I have never seen anyone think it’s profitable.

A friend writes a VERY popular blog…and makes almost nothing from it.

Take an application.

Mom knows best

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