Healthy Berries are Good Food for Health

Healthy Berries are Good Food for Health
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Free picture of the healthy berries that are good for health . This tasty photo of food was created for you by the best dining friend and it can be used for free, if you link as the original author of the image.

Berries and fruits that are fresh or red are very healthy, becasue they contain many antioxidants and vital acids that is not present in any other food sources. The blue berry and the raspberry on this white plate are the very welcome guests on the wooden table of health dining.

The frozen vitamins inside of those berries are purely vegetarian supplements for any edible dessert that is sweet. The best fruits are the free fruits. This berries were a gift from a friend and are part of the creative commons collection of for your own use.

The red raspberries and blueberries contain multiple multivitamins for healthy eating. They detox the body with multiple antioxidants that should be part of the regular diet. Berries are usually organic foods, because they are tasty without any effort from the grower. The beautiful and wild berries are delicious too and are often collected for cooking a jam recipe or for a private meal that often ends up being a good snack during the breakfast. Valuable nutrition with berries is easy !

A berry is a Schließfrucht arisen from one single ovary with which the complete fruit wall is still juicy with the maturity or at least meaty. The berry is often plump and coloured hard. She is most vielsamig, includes more than one seed.

The raspberry is a summer-green false shrub. The raspberry is thereby a typical clearing plant which also spread out in gardens very invasive and thus to the "weed" can become.

As a cultivated plant the raspberry is also spread by the person. Fruit maturity is from June to September.

The wild raspberry is widespread in temperate to borealen Europe and Westsibirien.

Raspberries stand no traffic jam moisture, because they are sensitively compared with root illnesses.

The raspberry is already known since the antiquity as a remedial plant. The content in vitamin C, potassium and fruit acids should promote the defences and the sore healing.

The blueberry is a woody Chamaephyt. The blueberry is a woody Chamaephyt. The Eurasian blueberry differs from the American blueberry by the fact that the colour-giving Anthocyane are in the bowl as well as in the flesh and it is coloured so completely blue.

Moreover, the cultural blueberry is twice as big to several times as the real blueberry and tastes far less fragrantly than the wild fruits.

The blueberry is spread paläarktisch with main focus in the temperate and northern zones of Eurasia and, besides, settles areas of the level till the mountains.

The green desires of the blueberry show in winter for the game an important feed spring.

Blueberrys are popular berry places for the human food. Blueberry are also responsible for her antioxidative and anti-inflammatory qualities.

After the Roman author Pliniu the colouring of the blueberry was used to the coloration of the clothes of slaves.

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