Share, Feel Good! Please subscribe to Jake’s Showcase and click “like” for my video! New video every Wednesday! Thanks Jake HAPPY!! Be Like A BABY! Learn From The WORLD CHAMPIONS of JOY!! So with so many problems with people today people getting depressed and having mental health issues and drinking and drug problems for various reasons, everyone is just searching for the way to be happy. So if you want to be happy why not look to the people who are happy the most BABIES! Seriously who is more happy and joyfully then a baby. Except for the times they are crying they are happy all the time. Instead of babies learning from us we have to learn from babies. Seriously do as, get as. We’re going to look at food activities and interactions that babies do and how you can implement that appropriately into your life to become happy. Paying big money for a shrink why don’t you try eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the floor eating right our of the jars. You don’t need to spread the peanut butter or jelly just eat it. The body knows how much food you need and so does a baby. Eat like a baby. With drink if a baby is given a choice between booze and beer and orange juice and water they will always pick orange juice and water. Have you ever seen the face they make when a baby may taste alcohol? They are disgusted alcohol tastes awful really it’s us adults who trick ourselves into thinking it tastes good really it’s awful taste and awful for you. Drink like a baby choose the

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