Grandpa’s Domain (3)

Grandpa’s Domain (3)
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This is an article my mother wrote about her father on his 87th birthday:

Whenever I enter the house, he smiles at me. This great old man who will be celebrating his 87th birthday this month, is my father. A licentiate in Electrical Engineering, an ex-serviceman, who was the youngest among 12 siblings, lost his father when he was a few months old. The apple of his mother’s eye, he joined the Navy in 1942 and served for 5 years.

A strict disciplinarian, meticulous and punctual, he has made all 4 of his children learn them too. He is a person with values, who paid the old maid her monthly wages till her death even though she stopped working for us due to her age.

He also ensures that the maids get the same breakfast and coffee that we have. He does not tolerate corruption. When the contractors wanted to bribe him for getting their tender approved, my father would ask them to lessen that amount in the estimate itself.

When we were kids, he made us eat eggs and take cod liver oil pills daily. This was 45 years ago; I still wonder whether that is why we are healthy today. He woke us up at 6 am, made us study at 7 pm, eat dinner at 8 30 and sleep at 9. (Those days no one had heard about TVs yet).

Today, his face brightens up immensely at the very mention of his great-granddaughter. I just want to say Thank you Dad, for everything!

That just about sums up how I feel about my Grandfather! He’s the best one could hope for!