Functional Fitness Day 2009

Functional Fitness for women at its best! How women can benefit from functional training! I put together a one day workshop called Functional Fitness For The Female Athlete. Heres the vid for the first annual event held 9/26/09 and put on by yours truly and coach John Sully Sullivan at Excel Sports and Fitness in Waltham MA. The day was broken down into four circuits, with 3-4 exercises per circuit. Depending on rest periods, loads, and other variables, some circuits stressed less intensity/aerobic capacity, while others stressed higher intensity/power or endurance. The day was designed to give a spectrum of intensities and functional experiences. Exercises (some covered in the vid, some not) such as Prowler push sled, grappler press, sledgehammer tire smash, handled medball squat thrusts, sand bag front squats, backward sled drag, downward medball smash, hand over hand thick rope pull, and others, were utilized. For general conditioning (eg, GPP), fat loss, improving work capacity, etc, this type of training cant be beat. It can also be incorporated into a program for specific athletes with specific goals. This type of training is not just for fitness buffs or cross-training gods, but very appropriate for power lifters, fitness/figure, MMA athletes, sprinters, and others. For example, an excellent article on the importance of General physical preparedness (GPP) for strength athletes by one of the most successful power lifting/S&C coaches on the planet