Feeding the Healthy Vegetarian Family

Feeding the Healthy Vegetarian Family

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In this book, Ken Haedrich shows that it is not only very possible, but also easy, fun and utterly scrumptious to raise your family on an entirely meat-free diet. The father of four (ages 6 to 14), Haedrich is the master of the vegetarian family menu.

The emphasis here is on family, and Haedrich offers over 250 recipes that consider such important issues as: Does it taste good? Will my family eat it? Can I prepare this in a reasonable amount of time? Are the ingredients easy to find? And, is it healthy and balanced? The book also features special sections designed specially for kids. Written in Haedrich’s warm, endearing style, the book is filled with little anecdotes, family jokes and traditions, special recipe contributions from his kids, hints, secrets and tips which make it inviting, appealing and completely accessible. Ken Haedrich welcomes you into his family and into his kitchen to help introduce your family to vegetarianism. Yes, it is possible to raise a healthy, happy, well-fed vegetarian family. And in this book, Ken Haedrich shows you how to do it with easy-to-follow instructions, fun for the family and undeniably delicious results.In Feeding the Healthy Vegetarian Family, author Ken Haedrich emphasizes family. This cookbook is intended for folks who have kids–and all the mealtime challenges that incur as a result. In compiling these recipes, Haedrich recognized the wide range of variations that exist in his target audience: there are families who have raised their kids on a vegetarian diet since day one and others who are only now considering the change. There are people who eschew all animal products, from butter to shoe leather (vegans), and others who include dairy products in their diets (ovo-lacto vegetarians). Some readers might be dedicated to a meatless way of life, while others are looking only for the occasional meatless meal. Whatever the requirements, there’s something for everyone in Feeding the Healthy Vegetarian Family.

Haedrich states his philosophy early on: when it comes to feeding children, flavor is all that matters. Kids won’t care if there’s meat in the spaghetti sauce or the chili, so long as it tastes good. These recipes might not make it into the pages of the glossy gourmet magazines, but they’ll have even the most picky eaters asking for seconds. The book includes recipes for snack foods, sandwiches (both hot and cold), salads and soups, main dishes, casseroles, quick breads, desserts, and much more. So whether you’re looking to supplement your vegetarian diet or hoping to introduce your family to a new and healthier way of eating, Feeding the Healthy Vegetarian Family offers both helpful advice and great recipes to get you and your kids off on the right foot.

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