Fast Food Industry marketing to children should be banned?

Question by Teffy: Fast Food Industry marketing to children should be banned?
I have a paper to write for my english class (Highschool) on how the fast food’s marketing to children should be banned because their food isnt healthy. I’ve been thinking about this paper and reasons and stuff for days and i just cant seem to come up with some solid reasons. Could anyone help me think of some reason and why.
umm is it just me or are u all completely missing the point of the question?

I have a prompt and thats what I have to argue no matter if its stupid or unconstituional…

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Answer by elipodo
You can’t come up with solid reasons because it is unconstitutional. To ban this kind of marketing you are taking away peoples right to freedom of the press. You are violating the philosophy of America and freedom. It is up to the parents to educate their young and lead them in the right direction. We have obese people because of laziness and government programs such as Social Security, welfare, food stamps, and on and on and on. Get off the couch and make something of yourselves America and stop sucking on the government nipple.

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