ESPN Introducing espnW, a Digital Presence for Women

ESPN Introducing espnW, a Digital Presence for Women
This fall, the sports network is gradually introducing espnW, a brand marketed to female sports fans and the reaction has not been universally upbeat.
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Options for volunteers
Aquarium school program: Volunteers are needed to help run school programs this fall. Volunteers will run “hands on” school programs to give volunteers a principal role as educators to a small group of students.
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Demand Media Welcomes Bloggers Into Its Content Farm
Demand Media, the content farm whose underpaid freelancing minions churn out very interesting and important how-to articles based on what people search for on Google , announced today that it is launching a blog distribution network that will, according to a press release, help “bloggers expand their online brands by syndicating their blog posts to Demand Media‚Äôs highly trafficked sites …
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