Day 215 +187/366 AND Day 2041: Healthy Lunch

Day 215 +187/366 AND Day 2041: Healthy Lunch
Healthy Foods To Eat
Image by Old Shoe Woman
Well, I’ve decided that I need to lose 8 lbs. in the next 4 months…..before my doctor’s appointment. It’s not easy. I love food. I did enjoy my Chicken Salad Fruit Plate at the VCC. Jim ate the country buffet. For supper, I ate some baked chicken, roasted potatoes & onions with some Publix coleslaw. I drizzled a little Mrs. Griffin’s BBQ sauce on the chicken. It was delicious.

I went to the Senior Center today and paid my dues for the next year….only . I attended the first meeting of Happy Travelers with Steve as our new leader. I paid a deposit for a trip next May to Niagara Falls & Tulip Time in Michigan. I’ve been to Niagara Falls twice before, but I’m sure this will be a good trip.

Then I went to the swimming pool at Stone Creek for water aerobics class. Becky taught the class again this week since Laura is on vacation at St. George Island. My stomach muscles are sore since I’ve used weights in the water twice this week. It’s too bad that my FitBit doesn’t count my steps in the water. I know I’ve walked over 5k, but my FitBit only says 3200 since I wasn’t wearing it in the water.