Cycling-Inform Pilates Workout DVD for Cyclists – Sample

Pilates provides some of the best corrective movement and strength exercises available today. Doing Pilates regularly will help improve your general wellbeing, cycling performance and reduce the chance of injury. You can use this DVD to do Pilates at home or when you are travelling and fit your Pilates workouts to your own schedule. The stretching and warm up exercises on this DVD can be done after you have been cycling or as the warm-up for the Pilates on this DVD. It is recommended that you do stretching after every time you cycle and Pilates two to three times a week on your recovery or rest days. The Pilates exercises on this DVD have been specifically selected for cyclists. This DVD has been created to give you the most current, precise, simple and effective Pilates exercises available to make the most use of your time. This DVD can be purchased from
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