184 Money Tips: How to Repurpose Leftovers, Save $50K, and Put Your Preschooler to Work

184 Money Tips: How to Repurpose Leftovers, Save K, and Put Your Preschooler to Work
It’s time for the weekly roundup of helpful, weird, and wonderful money-saving tips from around the Web. 3 things to do when you don’t feel like being frugal anymore. At some point or another, even the most frugal folks get tired of pinching pennies. To combat frugal fatigue (and avoid a full-on shopping withdrawal binge), […]
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The Family Museum
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Recaps: Selling New York Episode 12: The Unwieldy Upgraders
Every Thursday night, HGTV’s Selling New York rides along with boutique brokerages CORE, Gumley Haft Kleier and Warburg as they try to sell fabulous properties fabulously. Here, our recap of how the NYC real estate industry is portrayed to the…
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Name for a children’s consignment store?

Question by kara2222: Name for a children’s consignment store?
I am opening a used children’s clothes and toys store. However, I still need a catchy name. These are my ideas so far

-frugal mom’s marketplace
– mommy marketplace

I like the first one – that is what I am going with for now. Any ideas???? They would be greatly appreciated! As well, what else should I offer in the store – especially in this poor economy?

Best answer:

Answer by anuspenis
Wild Child Consignment Shop

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My dad is out of work for some time, my family is trying to be more frugal! How to cope!?

Question by falling/up/?: My dad is out of work for some time, my family is trying to be more frugal! How to cope!?
But, I am having trouble adapting. Call me spoiled or whatever, but I am just used to going shopping for clothes more than once a year. Even today I couldn’t buy some eyeshadow with my mom because she didn’t want to spend the money on it. I can’t tell my mom how I feel because she doesn’t really understand. I even didn’t buy a dress for graduation this year and I feel so sad about it. The thing is i am very into fashion and beauty but it seems hard to be frugal when I am surrounded by things. HOw can I cope with this?
also im 13, if you have any ob idead for young poele let me noe

Best answer:

Answer by Stacia
I don’t know if you have this store where you live, but near me there is a store called Plato’s Closet and the only clothes that they have in their store are name brands such as Hollister, Abercrombie, etc. A shirt usually sells for around $ 6 instead of $ 30+ in the store. The thing is that they have been previously owned….BUT the store only accepts clothes that are in excellent shape. So practically brand new without the tags, lol You could try going there, or somewhere similar

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Is there such a thing as too frugal?

Question by Skins_fan: Is there such a thing as too frugal?
Right now I’ve moved in with aunt to help with the transportation issue while going to a community college and I realize how serious she is about not wasting. If there’s a tiny sip of a drink left in a gallon she’ll keep it, like sips that won’t get out. She won’t use regular sized trashbags in her kitchen trash can, even though I put one in there she still will use a plastic shopping bag (which is okay for the smaller trash cans, but the big ones). She’s even worse than my mom. She’s not really an environmentalist, she’s just in a poor woman’s mentality like really bad. And she’ll reuse napkins that have already been used. Is this too frugal?
She drives a small SUV and is about 70 something and grew up poor and barely makes minimum wage at her part time post retirement job.

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Answer by Common Sense
Yes, she can to frugal to the extent that it harms her health.
Poor diet, poor sanitation etc.

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How can I convince my parents to be less frugal?

Question by : How can I convince my parents to be less frugal?
Nobody here ever believes me when I say that my parents are really frugal. They make about $ 100,000 total a year, but they are not willing to spend more than $ 50 a week on food. My mom rarely buys fruits when she goes grocery shopping; instead she buys Ramen noodles and microwavable dinners. My parents and I eat Ramen noodles for breakfast nearly every morning, and we rarely eat out. When we do eat out, we only eat pizza or fast food. This may be really hard to believe, but I have NEVER been to a restaurant like Red Lobster or Bertucci’s with my parents.

In addition, my parents also made a rule not to flush the toilets in our home until it’s nearly filled, or if one of us has pooped. I know it sounds ridiculous, but my parents think it saves a few dollars.

Also, my parents rarely take me on vacation or to anywhere fun. The last time my parents and I went on vacation was in July of 2008. We went to Miami, but the trip was awful because we stayed at a private motel that cost $ 25 a night. My parents slept on the queen bed while I slept on the futon couch.I asked my parents if we could stay at Econo Lodge, which cost about $ 40 more but at least had two queen beds. They refused.

I know I may sound like a spoiled brat to you, but I’m really not. I have never asked my parents to buy me anything remotely expensive. I bought my laptop and iPod Touch with the money I earned from working at a pizza place a few blocks away from where I live. It’s just that, sometimes I wish my parents could just be a little less frugal and not ruin a good vacation with staying at a crappy motel. Please help!

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Answer by Chris L
Hmm.. I would say to get a part time job so that way you can do some upgrading on things! Your parents have a rare gift, however, I wouldn’t want to be that restrictive.

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Freezer Recipes ? 3 Handy Tips to Get You Started

Freezer Recipes ? 3 Handy Tips to Get You Started

If you have not tried cooking in bulk using freezer recipes, you are missing out. Until recently, I was a stay at home mom of my two little children but last month I got a job and cooking everyday was no more an option for me. Now I cook once a month and use the freezer recipes from ‘Frugal Mom’s Guide to Once a Month Cooking’.


Initially it can seem overwhelming to do so much cooking in one day. Especially if you have children who are too young to help or are a single parent. But there are ways you can make it easier on yourself and still get the benefits from the freezer recipes.


Here are three tips for you to get started.


Plan ahead and get someone to watch your kids for you. If you can not afford a sitter, you can trade food for the babysitting. I am sure once of your girlfriends or relatives would love to watch your kids for a day if you give them a couple of dinners you made.


Double up. Many people think that to have a whole month’s worth of dinners, they have to make 30 different freezer recipes. You can make prepare double amounts of only 15 different dishes. That way you can serve it twice in the month. Make sure you pack them in separate freezer bags.


If you can, invest in a good food processor. One can cost you as little as .00 but it will save you tons of time because you can prep all your dishes at once and within seconds.


I am sure if you plan ahead and give yourself enough time, you will find cooking once a month with freezer recipes a godsend. Imagine what you can do with all the time and money you will save by cooking only once a month and thus shopping for grocery all in one trip.



Click for more tips on cooking once a month with freezer recipes, or visit freezerrecipesguide.com