Make Healthy Food Delicious (here’s how)

1 odd trick to lose fat: Hey y’all, I’m Mike Chang and in today’s episode, I’m going to show you how to make your meals delicious. Having better tasting meals will give you an extra incentive to stick to your diet. And in return, helping you burn off that stubborn belly fat. Video breakdown: My one trick to make healthy foods taste better is by adding virgin coconut oil to my meals. The coconut oil adds a rich sweet flavor and prevents the foods from being dry. I know you’re probably thinking, “Man, isn’t oil full of fat”. True, but unlike most fats, the coconut oil contains a type of fat that is very easy for the body to break down. With this fast breakdown process, your body will be able to use the fat as a quick source of energy. With the fat being used up so quickly, it would never be stored into the body as fat. Try it out for yourself, I know you will love the flavor and love the fat loss. And if you want to get ripped six-pack abs, check out this video now. In that video I’ll show you the most common mistakes normal guys make that prevent them from losing stubborn belly fat. And I show you what you can do instead to build the six-pack abs that women love. Check out this video now: Train hard, Mike PS Share this link on Facebook with your friends:
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Coyote ~ 7 of 10 photos

Coyote ~ 7 of 10 photos
Easy Healthy Meals
Image by Urban Woodswalker
Couple days ago I had one of the biggest scares of my life. Literally.

Walking my beloved Jack Russel Snoopy, in the prairie where we have walked for years …a coyote followed us for a distance, at very close range. Statistically Jack Russel Terriers are number 3 on the list of coyote pet dog breed attacks. 3 different times I stopped on the path to snap pix, and observe the subtle actions of the coyote. The first time it just kept walking closer in a slow relaxed manner. Head was not down, ears not back- both are stalking / predation mannerisms). Still, the third time, after I turned to stand tall, and started walking a step towards the coyote (A communication of I am the boss here) it disappeared into the tall grass…allowing me to think it had left us. but a minute later and its back walking along right after us. This freaked me out, as it implies so many obvious horrible things .

You should NOT run away… when "stalked" by a coyote. As we walked back the long way to the car…..(relaxing afternoon nature walk was definitely OVER). I had such a wide mix of emotions. I wanted to run, screaming hysterically. I wanted to grab a big stick (there weren’t any in the prairie…and really, I do not want a coyote to get that close to Snoopy or myself in the first place. ) I definitely nearly soiled my panties.

However, being educated about urban wildlife…I allowed my brain to figure out this potential disaster. first, the car is 3/4 mile away. We have to walk out of this. The time of year…October…means a very low time of coyote pet predation. There is plenty to eat , and the energy spent trying to go for a dog meal would not be wise, nor the potential massive injuries involved….innately any intelligent predator knows this.

The coyote was relaxed, not sickly looking. So it could hunt effectively on rodents, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and opossums which are its normal diet along with fruits, and seeds found in nature. Coyotes also dine on deer fawns, deer road kill, and Canada goose eggs…all of which are abundant in my region. So was I just imagining the coyote "stalking us…my Jack Russel Terrier…for dinner meal?

Perhaps the coyote was just using the path…which coyotes have been doing for years now and are entitled to use just as much as hikers, bikers, dog walkers, and horse back riders do. Their scat markings are abundant, and over the past 5 years I have seen (only) 4 coyote sitings, but hundreds of scats on the very path we walk. Was the coyote just habituated to humans so much that it did not run when it saw us walking? Why was it so diligent in following so close behind us., and even returning to follow after my back was turned 3 times…the last sneakily walking into the tall brush, only to come back out to follow again when my back was turned?

I decided to turn and face the coyote again, and by this time it was nervous enough (from the 2 other times I stood to face it) to disappear in the tall grass for good….which made me feel better and yet more scared…as now I could not see what it was up to, and maybe there was more then one….and if they were hunting us, I really had a problem. But all turned out well. I think I will buy an air horn and some predator spray. The thing is though, I need to educate the coyote not to come so close. and air horn makes more sense then a close contact spray. I want the coyote to live a long healthy life, and if it follows someone not so accepting of urban wildlife predators…..its going to lose it life after complaints are made. I feel worried, not only for my and Snoopy’s safety, but the coyote as well. Coyotes and humans CAN live peacefully together. Its only when coyotes lose their fear of humans that problems arise.

Do’s and Don’ts in Coyote Country:

1. DO chase them away and make noise (bang pots and pans) if you don’t want them in your yard.

2. DO make noise when you are outside especially if coyotes are often in your area (like a den site nearby). They will often change their course of direction when they hear people. Bring a whistle or horn to scare them away from you.

3. DO NOT feed coyotes or other animals. Even if you are feeding birds (e.g., suet) or other animals (like raccoons) coyotes will be attracted to your yard just like any other animal looking for an easy handout.

4. DO NOT feed your pets outside for the same reason as #3.

5. Just as importantly, DO NOT let your neighbors feed wildlife. Coyotes travel tremendous distances and a coyote regularly coming to your neighbor’s yard for a free handout will surely pass through your yard to get there. A habituated coyotes is a potential problem coyote.

6. Absolutely DO NOT let your cat outside if you are truly concerned with its health. Coyotes are just one of many mortality factors for outdoor cats.

7. DO leash your dogs. Although coyotes may follow a leashed dog out of curiosity (to the concern of the person), it is extremely rare for them to actually get within contact of your pet.

8. DO enjoy their presence and the fact that having this wily predator adds to the mystique of your (potentially even urban) neighborhood. Try to minimize your conflicts with these creatures by following these simple precautions.

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Gingery Chickpeas with Spinach

Gingery Chickpeas with Spinach
Easy Healthy Meals
Image by Limes & Lycopene
I was planning on taking photos of the food we cooked during my Easy and Tasty Vegetarian Meals cooking class, but there was virtually nothing left.

This recipe is the vegetarian version of one of the meals in the Spring edition of An Honest Kitchen. The original recipe for Gingery Beef with Spinach can actually be downloaded for free as it’s featured in the Spring extract.

I make this meal a lot, because it’s easy, you can make the whole meal in one pan, plus I’m a ginger fiend. In our climate it works equally well as an autumn meal.

A bowl full of reds

A bowl full of reds
Easy Healthy Meals
Image by The Dance of Life by D’ Image Miner ~ Lisa 1377
What if summer never ended?

Imagine, all year of summer. I don’t know if I will feel elated or bored thinking about a year of summer. Albeit I love summer, the last few days I don’t think I can stand the heat; it’s way too much for me. I love week-end; lives slow down and let us catch our breath. We have time to exhale. Time, perhaps. For a lingering kiss. Time to sit down for a leisurely meal, eating good food with family and friends. Week-ends are so important, when the days go longer, the air is warmer, and the sun shines brighter, no wonder it’s easier to get inspired & motivated. And no surprise a healthier lifestyle beckons…

Telmo and Tula – Fruit Salad – healthy recipes, children’s cartoons

Telmo and Tula little cooks show recipes ideas for cooking with kids, simple recipes and delicious desserts and food. Telmo and Tula are going to prepare a delicious fruit salad. They use strawberries, cherries, blackberries and raspberries. Telmo likes to spread raspberry all over his face. Is a very funny animated series where children will learn how to cook the best breakfasts, sandwiches, salads and desserts in a safe and entertaining way. Telmo & Tula will teach children how much fun there is in preparing delicious meals step by step. Enjoy your meal! Children’s educational videos pictures, ideas, leisure, entertainment and learning for children cartoon series © Motion Pictures, SA – – coproduced with Disney Format 52×7′ – 3D HDTV Target: 4 to 8 years old Telmo and Tula Facebook: View more recipes to cook with children – See more arts&crafts videos for children – Subscribe to know when there are new videos –
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Raw Food Diet For Weight Loss (Super Food Secrets) Raw Food Diet For Weight Loss

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Have I posted a pic of my vapo (e-cig) yet?

Have I posted a pic of my vapo (e-cig) yet?
Easy Healthy Meals
Image by insidious_plots
The lighter is just there for scale reference, btw.

So, there’s my case. On the right is my usual – a version of the Joye
eGo. You’ll notice it nicely matches the case 🙂 This is a usb
passthrough model, so, I never really re-charge the battery – you plug
it into a usb cable and can keep vaping, plus it regulates the voltage
so it’s even a different experience, so, it’s like 2 devices in one.
This is what I use most – it has a 2 ohm cartomizer in it with
unflavored 100% VG liquid I make myself, about 12mg of nicotine, which
is what I prefer as my "all day vape".
Btw, we even have usb cables all over the house (our phone chargers
and such, plus one or two bought just for plugged-in vaping) and it
seems most things have usb ports now (both the ps3 in the living room
and the ps2 in her room do) so it’s so much easier than dealing with a
specific-use battery charging unit.

To the left of that is a Joye auto 510, no button to press, you just
inhale. It has a matching black 3 ohm cartomizer on it and I usually
have something sweet in it like bubble gum or cotton candy and it’s
often clenched between my teeth while I’m cooking or whatever. The
battery doesn’t last a long as the big eGo and the vapor production
isn’t as impressive, but I still love it for certain times.
It is usually broken down into its two parts (battery, cartomizer with
mouthpiece) and inside the case.

And, standing, is the vaporizer I started on, given to me by a friend.
It is an eGo, not the passthrough variety, so it lasts 4-6 hours if I
use it constantly and then has to charge. I mostly use it for direct
dripping after meals or with coffee for more throat hit, richer
flavor, etc. so it can go days without needing to charge it. I call
it "my alter eGo". It, too, is usually inside the case. In this pic,
it has a metal "drip tip" on it, with a 510 atomizer inside the cone

Also inside the case is an extra part or two, a couple little 3ml
bottles of liquid, and a couple clip-on magnets that attach to the
battery so I can just stick it to anything around me that’s metal.
When I break down the other two vapos, all I walk out of the house
with is my black usb eGo and the case. Theoretically, I’d be set for
days if need be or be able to let someone try one since it usually has
two complete vaporizers in it.

I haven’t smoked in what must be almost three months now after 20+
years of smoking. I haven’t intentionally quit, but vaping has been
so satisfying I just still haven’t gotten around to ordering more
smokes. (For years I have only smoked kreteks (clove cigarettes),
shipped to me from Indonesia as I can’t stand the made-for-Americans
variety and they’re illegal now anyway, thanks to Obama.)
I do like that I don’t cough anymore or wake up with that tight-chest
feeling, I have a much more heightened sense of taste and smell, I can
vape indoors as the vapor dissapates rapidly and doesn’t settle into
anything. It is much more convenient, much MUCH healthier, and the
whole thing costs much less than buying cigarettes did.

So, nothing but good has come from being introduced to this.

Let me throw in a warning.
If you want to try vaping, DO NOT buy the ones at the mall or
wherever. They are the cheapest models available sold at the highest
price possible. This warning also applies to Blu and most of the other popularly-advertised on the web and such brands.
An eGo battery costs -, for a 5-pack of cartomizers, and
of liquid will last a new "vaper" weeks. The hardware will last you
months. The eGo isn’t necessarily the best one to start on – I’m just
giving an example.
If you want to find useful, reliable information, start by doing some
reading at and (not or!) feel free to
contact me. All my contact info is on my site, listed below.
(sent from my Verizon HTC Ozone)