Butt Workout Cardio 4: Brazilian Booty | 30 DAY BUTT LIFT

Click Here for your “30 Day Butt Lift” 30 Day Calendar Workout Plan! bit.ly Butt Workout Cardio 4: Brazilian Booty | 30 Day Butt Lift is an explosive lower body-sculpting butt exercise that combines unique elements of Kickboxing and the popular Brazilian Martial Art, Capoeira to ignite the metabolism to create the ultimate fat-burning experience. Prepare to sweat with Expert Trainer & Fitness Model, Courtney Prather as she takes you through this intense workout that uses moves such as knee strikes, rocking lunges, round house kicks, hitch kicks, crab poses and several different punching variations to blast calories, strengthen the core, reduce cellulite, and tone the abs, arms, legs, shoulders, glutes, chest and back. Learn the secrets that professional fighters use to build lean muscle, increase endurance, and sculpt ripped physiques. You will only need a bottle of water for this fun and effective segment from the all new “30 Day Butt Lift” Workout Program from BeFit! You will go through a blend of cardio, martial arts, and plyometric exercises that will lift and firm that booty as you engage your abs and oblique’s to tighten your midsection and build strength. Work out like the pros right from your very own home with this result-driven cardio workout. Tune in to BeFit everyday through 12/7 for brand new “30 Day Butt Lift” workouts featuring Alicia Marie and Courtney Prather, and be sure to try the full 30 day program for FREE! Click here for more Butt workouts: bit.ly
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